EXCLUSIVE: Cage Fights Come To Uganda

page geneva;”>Chimp Corps have obtained exclusive information that a team of 27 Ugandan fighters are doing rigorous training in several parts of the country ahead of the cage fights expected to start in September this year.

medications geneva;”>“Most of them are diehard kickboxing and boxing sportsmen who were selected from trials that date back to the beginning of 2012,” said Kingdom Fighting Championships boss, Montez Burt, an American who jetted in country a couple of months ago.

“We are bringing on board a new game that will rock Uganda. Several fighters are undertaking crucial lessons to pit their muscles and wits against each other,” affirmed Montez.

He further said the cage fights will be held periodically in Kampala.

Montez also noted that in future, the cage fights will feature a number of international fighters but will emphasize a healthy contingent of homegrown martial arts stars.

“Kingdom FC is the first of its kind in this country and the second mixed martial arts that will bring a new source of entertainment with Ugandan fighters on the battle front,” he said.

Cage fights can take place in a normal boxing ring but most promoters, like Montez, prefer to use cages, which he said would soon be imported.

He says this allows the real action-packed fights to continue uninterrupted without the risk of the fighters falling under the ropes.


The cage fights incorporate elements of wrestling and kickboxing.

The winners of the tournaments will take home grand prizes including money.

All fights and updates of the cage fight will be posted via a YouTube link

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