JOINING NRM? FDC's Anne Mugisha Officially Resigns

purchase geneva; font-size: small;”>“I will be removing myself from all Internet groups related to 4GC and A4C until the groups settle in with new administration, ” Mugisha posted on new pressure group For God and My Country (4GC).

The move has rattled opposition supporters as fears abound Mugisha could be switching to the ruling NRM party.

A renowned critic of President Museveni, Mugisha on Sunday afternoon said she based her decision on the fact that the 4GC Facebook account had earlier been created by a one Denis Ococi.

“Guys, I was unable to follow the conversation on 4GC (For God and My Country) because I removed myself from the group I understand that Ococi Denis says he created the group long ago before the advent of the 4GC Group that I moderate,” reasoned Mugisha.

“Some members were concerned that I was falsely ‘Accusing’ him of some kind of ‘offence’. This is all too unnecessary. I think this provides an excellent opportunity for me to bow out,” she further stated.

However, observers say Mugisha should have added another word such as “Uganda” to the group “For God and My Country” so as to look different.

Chimp political experts say Mugisha could be sending a big signal to the opposition that she is quitting.

This appears more likely after a critical analysis of Mugisha’s fourth paragraph.


She writes: “I have a lot of issues on my plate and can contribute to the struggle in many other ways.”

In what appears as a parting shot, Mugisha further notes: “There are a lot of competent people who can run these groups and I am sure they will rise to the challenge. I am therefore retiring before I am pushed from the moderator role.”

She then bids farewell: “I leave you all in the capable hands of Charley Makmot and wish you success in this struggle for freedom and justice. CIAO!”

Anne’s resignation has already triggered concerns that this was an overreaction.

Opposition diehard Shawn Mubiru says: “Anne Mugisha! …I would say that it was not prudent for you to do that we need to harmonize all glitches that might be getting in the system of Activism online especially here on face book. Kindly hear me out!”

Mugisha flew into self-imposed exile in 2001 where she lived with her family for almost a decade.

Towards the 2011 Presidential election campaigns, Mugisha returned to contest for a Parliamentary seat.

After a series of campaigns for Nakawa, Mugisha realized she was no match for the powerful Deputy Attorney General Fred Ruhindi.

She then shifted to Mbarara where her political dreams were flatly shattered.

Realizing Uganda’s political landscape had drastically changed in favour of the ruling NRM since 2001, Mugisha limited her campaigns to the internet.

She was the moderator for A4C Facebook group before it was archived following a declaration by Attorney General Peter Nyombi that the political group was an “unlawful society.”

Mugisha has since been a law practitioner with Rwakafuuzi & co. Advocates in Kampala.

A graduate of Business Administration at the University of Florida, Mugisha enjoys a wide network of human rights activists across the world.

While most opposition leaders agree she is very venomous but articulate, some concur she is extremely antagonistic.

Only time will tell whether Mugisha’s is not changing her colour from blue to yellow.

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