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INSIDE STORY: Janet Chief Bodyguard Arrest

Before his arrest, Ahumuza was First Lady Janet Museveni’s chief bodyguard.

Chimpreports.com broke the news last Thursday that Ahumuza had been detained over the shameful incident compromised Janet’s security.

We promised you a thorough investigation into the incident.


Here is a time line of how events unfolded:

It’s Sunday January 8. One Drighton Katenta pulls over his new dark blue Prado Land Cruiser at a bar in Kawempe, a Kampala suburb. Katenta is rushing to join his friends for a televised soccer march.


With his colleagues, Katenta enjoys soccer as he crushes pork ribs and downs pints of beer. Little does he know that his car is insecure!

A few minutes after the match, the car is nowhere to be seen. An enraged Katenta is unconvinced that thugs could steal his car because the car keys are safely tucked in his pocket.

So how did one vanish with the car? Who stole the car?

A disturbed Katenta rushes to Kawempe Police Station where he reports a case of theft under SD/Ref/08/01/12.

The matter is later transferred to Kampala Central Police Station and then CID Headquarters in Kibuli for investigations under CRB/KAW/806/12.

Detectives swing into action on the hunt for the car.

A detective has told Chimp Investigators that a few hours after the car was stolen, undercover cops combed all car bonds, washing bays and garages owned by suspicious elements. All border posts were alerted.

“We know a racket of car thieves in Kampala and how it operates. Each time we arrest members in these dangerous groups, they are released on bail before resuming their evil deeds,” recounts a detective who participated in the operation but prefers anonymity as he is not authorized to speak to the media.

“Whenever cars are stolen, they are either rushed to neighbouring countries of Congo, Rwanda, and South Sudan or immediately sold. In other cases, they are repainted with different colours and later sold off. In extreme cases, thieves sell stolen cars in spare parts at Kisseka market,” the detective reveals.

So how was the car stolen?

Katenta’s car was stolen by an expert who used a master key, according to the detective.

“These master keys are made from here Kampala. The thief opens the car as its owner and drives off without any hassle. It takes less than a minute.”


At CID, there is a team that tracks stolen cars. These operatives have managed to absorb former car thieves to aid their investigations.

“When you want to catch a thief, always send a thief. We have managed to recruit ‘rehabilitated thieves’ as our contacts to spy on their friends. In this case, our spies laid siege at all garages and car bonds but fell short of trapping the thief,” the detective recounts.

However, CID is lucky considering the car owner Katenta was an operative attached to the Chieftaincy of Military Intelligence (CMI). He also uses his good connections to broaden the hunt across the country.


It‘s not until April 19 that CID trap the thug. At around 10am one of the detectives spots the missing car at a washing bay in Kawempe.

Police are swiftly informed thus cordoning off the area. The driver is taken into custody. Upon being quizzed, he reveals the car belongs to Tobias Ahumuza.

Detectives subsequently telephone Ahumuza to report at Kawempe Police station immediately to record a statement over a car that reportedly belongs to him.

High on ego and boasting with arrogance, Ahumuza ‘orders’ Kawempe detectives to “release the car immediately” because he has no time to waste with ‘poorly trained’ police officers.

Ahumuza further reminds Kawempe cops that he is a highly trained commando, now in full charge of First Lady Janet Museveni’s security and therefore cannot get time to drive to Kawempe to engage in ‘useless discussions’ with cops over a car.

The resilient cops also assure Ahumuza he is not above the law and disobeying lawful orders would trigger his arrest.

Determined to prove the power he wields, Ahumuza rolls to Kawempe. Little does he know the car owner Katenta has been alerted in advance.

Katenta has already deployed a good number of his friends from military intelligence.

Ahumuza is then questioned on why he stole the car. He brags that the car belongs to him. Police put it to him that he has just changed the number plate of UAN Series to UAE to avoid detection.

Ahumuza is told to present his identification particulars. They bear Very Important Person Protection Unit (VIPPU) credentials.

You will recall that towards the 2011 Presidential elections, IGP Lt. Gen. Kale Kayihura handpicked a team led by then Kampala CPS Operations boss Paul Kakamba for a specialized commando training at Kasenyi training grounds.

The team was trained by Cubans and Israel military instructors before taking over security of VIPS including Janet, Speaker of Parliament, high profile judges, ministers and security chiefs.

In short, Ahumuza is a cop but under the Special Forces Group (SFG) commanded by Col. Muhoozi Keinerugaba.


So, as police question Ahumuza, the car owner identifies himself as a top security officer attached to CMI Special Bureau of Investigations (SBI).

His forehead and neck totally soaked in sweat; Ahumuza realizes that several military intelligence operatives have cordoned off the police to thwart his possible escape.

Realizing Ahumuza is not ready to hand over the car, security operatives handcuff and bundle him on a police truck.

They threaten to drive towards Okello House, Nakasero State House Lodge where deployments are made.

Fearing a huge embarrassment at his workplace, Ahumuza promises to reveal the mastermind of the car theft.

He is then driven to Nsambya Police Barracks for detention and further interrogation.

In the evening hours, word goes around that Ahumuza has been arrested.

Dozens of his friends in Special Forces and other security organs storm the barracks on a rescue mission. Police stand their ground.

Kayihura is informed about the development. Firm instructions are given: Ahumuza can only be accessed by friends, relatives or lawyer with permission from Kayihura’s office.

The bombshell orders from Kayihura leave Ahumuza with no option but to reveal the car theft secrets or rot in jail.


On the 6th day in jail (Monday April 23), Ahumuza now says he is ready to compensate Katenta for the car theft.

On Tuesday April 24, he is released on bond.


By Wednesday evening, Ahumuza was expecting the worst.

According to his friends, he could either face a demotion or sacking from police for misconduct; subjecting the force’s name into disrepute and unprofessional behavior.

It’s also highly likely he could be kicked out of Janet’s security ring. The First Lady is a born-again Christian who does not condone indiscipline. Ahumuza hails from Ntungamo and is related to the First Family.

Detectives say Ugandans need to install car-tracking devices to avoid such cases of theft.

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