AZIZ AZION: Peanuts From Playing Guitar Kick-started My Music Career.

prostate http://coloradofinearts.org/wp-content/themes/coloradofinearts/include/plugin/dropdown-menus.php geneva; font-size: small;”>He describes his music as RnB fused with other genres of music like Zuk.

discount geneva;”>Aziz says his music is mostly about love and how he feels: “Music is a feeling according to a situation.” Aziz‘s music breakthrough was in October 2008 right before independence when he released his blockbuster song “Kumira Omkwano.”

“My music is mostly in Luganda but I add a few English and Swahili words. I am not very fluent in English,” he adds

Why music? “I have been doing music my whole life and I studied it too though I didn’t go far in school,” recounts Aziz.

Aziz’s extra-ordinary skills in playing the guitar helped him kick-start his music career. “I got finances from playing the guitar at small music functions which helped me start my own small studio,” explains Aziz.

Since then, he has never looked back. Aziz is now one of the most sought-after music icons in the country and East Africa as a region.

His smooth voice and charming looks compliment his amazing singing talent.

Aziz loves to play soccer, watch movies and engage in physical fitness exercises when he is not singing.



The artiste tells Chimp Corp Yvonne Turahirirwe he is happy so far with the popularity he has got in East Africa.

“This is my greatest achievement so far,” he says, confidently.

Aziz is also glad he has a new and better studio now. He is also been able to do various collabos with great artists in East Africa and outside. Some of these artists include GNL Zamba, Grace Nakimera and Leila Kayondo.

Just like any other artiste, Aziz had to go through tough times before he could ascend to stardom.

“There are many challenges in life as you know,” he says.

Aziz goes on to nail the exploitation by promoters as one of the reasons why musicians take long to prosper in Uganda.

“Sometimes promoters will bring you poor machines or won’t pay you,” he adds. “It’s hard being an artiste because people forget that you are an ordinary person and that just like them you have a lot on your mind but people mistake this for pride,” he explains.

Aziz has a number of new songs he is working on. Currently “Your Love” is rocking the airwaves and the video would be out soon.

He also plans to start a music school and a charity organisation “The Aziz foundation“ to cater for the vulnerable in Uganda.

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