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Rwanda Police Guideline On Taxi Passenger's Head Covers Questioned

prostate http://cbpa.com/wp-content/plugins/cforms/lib_email_php4.php sans-serif; font-size: small;”>This was communicated by Chief Superintendent Celestin Twahirwa, erectile the Traffic Police commander to more than 1000 motorcyclists while meeting them at the Nyamirambo Stadium on Saturday.

view sans-serif; font-size: small;”>“The Ministry of Health clearly states that no passenger should board a motorcycle without a smart cover in order to be protected from skin infections that could arise from sharing the helmet,” said CSP Twahirwa.

He reminded motorcyclists they had discussed this issue over and again but no efforts were being done.

“If we all agree that these smart covers are really important, you must from now on adopt and use them to avoid police disturbing you,” added CSP Twahirwa.

Mayor of Kigali City, Fidele Ndayisaba who was present at the meeting asked motorists to incur a small charge for the sake of protecting their customers and operating without hindrance.

“We have procured companies that provide headgears for as little as Frw 39 therefore they should be not sold for more than Frw 40,” said Ndayisab.

Smart cover headgears were introduced late last year, as a Ministry of Health initiative to prevent people from contracting skin diseases from sharing helmets.

Critics say the new police guideline might not help much considering that one head cover would be used by several passengers.


Instead, observers say, Rwanda Police should encourage passengers to always move with their own head covers to avoid contracting skin-related diseases.

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