CELEB CHAT: Katatumba – A Celebrity Changing The World Through Music

website like this http://cfbtoman.com/wp-includes/functions.php geneva; font-size: small;”>She is the rising music star whose great songs have lit the candle of hope for Ugandans living in the war-torn region of Northern Uganda.

sickness geneva;”>Angela is the 4th Child in a family of seven boys. She says this explains why she is more close to the male gender.

She is also extremely smart; Angella has Bachelor of Arts degrees in Economics and Law from Oxford Brookes University in England, a diploma in Public relations from Vancouver, Canada and a Masters in International management /public relations.

Angella spends her time working on her music, managing the family business and her charity organization (The Angela Katatumba Foundation.) When Angella is not into business and career she spends her time at the K.F.A beauty spa in Kabalagala owned by her mother.


Despite tabloid reports linking her to some city men, Angella says she is a daddy’s girl when it comes to relationships. “My dad is my best friend and mentor, if you step on my dad’s toes you step on mine.” I am not good with friends, I do have friends but they are more of acquaintances.

She says whenever she got to trust people and called them “best friends” she got burnt. Angella is also not thinking of marriage and kids yet. Angela believes she still has so much to do and kids and marriage are not a priority yet.

Recently the Katatumbas have been going through a court battle with an Indian businessman over ownership of multi-million city properties. Despite the traumatizing and highly publicized court battle, Angela has kept close her relationship with her father, a reason she is deeply involved in helping protect the family business.


She says the court cases caused a massive exodus of customers from Diplomate Hotel in Muyenga. “This is our business. No one can touch it. Some people spread rumours that the Hotel had been taken by an Indian. Most of our customers fled. But now we are in control of the situation and the Hotel business is booming again,” she recounts.

On her music career, Angella says she is always nervous about stepping out there and singing. “I was scared that people wouldn’t like my music. The only time I sang was in the wash rooms and I was surprised when people told me I had a great voice.”


Angella was encouraged to join talent shows and even her University referred her to a singing professional band. This gave her experience and boosted her esteem. Her music career has helped her support her charity organization.

“The for you Gulu“song saw Angela get worldwide recognition for her extraordinary charity her work in Gulu.

Angella has been hosted by CNN on Inside Africa (2006) and Voice of America with Shaka Ssali (2009), Aljazeera (2010) and Dwtv because of her role in raising awareness and working to rehabilitate the people of Gulu .She says this was her greatest achievement and one of the happiest moments of her life.

After the Gulu success, Angella got an endorsement deal with British Council to be climate change icon in Uganda.

” I remember getting a call from the British Council telling me they had heard of the great work I had done in Gulu and they wanted me to partner with them by being their ambassador.” Her music still played a role as she released a song “Let’s go green” a campaign to conserve the environment.

Angella has as well attained a number of Awards which include; the humanitarian diva award(2010), Role model award 2011, peace award for” for you Gulu” (September 2010) and number of other awards. She also featured as the “beautiful woman number one” in the Oscar winning movie “The last king of Scotland.”


Achievements will always come with challenges and Angella is a clear testimony to this. She says when it comes to her charity project it’s been really hard.

“People have no incentive to give but my parents have really been supportive and that has helped,” says Angella. She also goes on to say that sometimes people don’t honor their word, they will make pledges they will never fulfill.

The lack of sentisation is also another problem, saying Ugandans are blinded by the fact that the war in northern Uganda is over and forget that the people in Gulu are still in need. There is also pressing need for the government to give more support to Gulu.


Angella’s music career also faces challenges considering the industry in Uganda is still “growing.”

She also explains that because Ugandans are not so innovative, the country is fed with poor quality music and videos.

As we all know the copy right law still sucks in Uganda and affects all artistes – another challenge she has to sail through.

I remember her telling me that someone once asked her the price of her C.D and when she told them the price they opted to buy it cheaper on the street and this really discourages her.

Angella also thinks that artistes in Uganda are not given the respect they deserve. “People should understand that music is a job and an investment,” she says.

As regards her future plans Angella says she is already living up to most of them although she intends to develop her music career further and build the family business.

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