CITY DEMOS: Gen. Kayihura Warns Defiant Col. Besigye

this site ed geneva; font-size: small; line-height: 115%;”>In a statement released Sunday night, shop Kayihura says no political assemblies by A4C will be allowed since the group was last week declared an “unlawful and dangerous society” by the attorney General Peter Nyombi.

more about geneva;”>The threat comes hardly a week after Col. Besigye blasted Kayihura for working tooth and nail to silence opposition activism.

Besigye told hundreds of his supporters who attended a rally at Kololo last week that political demonstrations in the city will continue despite warnings from security chiefs.

Kayihura said: “We have learnt from the media defiant statements by Activists for Change (A4C) that they plan to continue with demonstrations and similar functions, inspite of the Order by the Attorney General, Peter Nyombi, issued last Wednesday April 4 2012, (the unlawful Societies Order, made under section 56(2) of the Penal Code Act, Cap 120), declaring the A4C a society dangerous to peace and order in Uganda and therefore prohibited. The order took effect on April 4, the day it was gazette and issued.”

The Police chief further noted: “We wish to state in no uncertain terms such planned demonstrations and assemblies, if held, will be unlawful, and police will not allow them. “

Kayihura stated it’s the duty of the police to enforce the law.

“I strongly urge the organizers of these events to reconsider and avoid falling foul to the law.

Further, I advise all those considering attending such unlawful events that doing so will be violating the law,” cautioned Kayihura.


“Let me also take the opportunity to notify the public that from today, we shall clear demonstrations, assemblies or any similar public event by any organisation/society, only after putting the organizers to strict proof that such society is properly registered and lawful,” charged Kayihura.

“Having said that, however, let me assure the public that the Uganda Police Force will continue to protect and serve all in the lawful exercise of their constitutional rights and freedoms, conducted in a peaceful and orderly manner, and as long as they do not prejudice the rights and freedoms of others or public interest (Article 43 of the Constitution).”

The new tough guidelines will worsen the relations between security services and opposition political groups.

While Col. Besigye and his colleagues accuse Kayihura of being partisan, brutal and using excessive force to quell peaceful demonstrations, the police chief says opposition’s assemblies are aimed at making Uganda ungovernable thus causing collapse of government.

Kayihura further accuses opposition of being violent during rallies.

However, Col. Besigye has in the past said crowds turn rowdy upon being attacked or provoked by police.

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