Kagame Killed Kabila – Rudasingwa

approved geneva; font-size: small;”>Rudasingwa made the startling claims on Saturday during a conference organized by political parties and Rwanda National Congress – FDU in Brussels, view seek geneva; font-size: small;”> can reveal.

“I am clearly saying this today; it’s Paul Kagame who assassinated Congolese President President Laurent Desire Kabila. Kagame is the murderer of Congolese President Kabila,” said Rudasingwa as the audience looked on in total shock.

“No president in office today in the world, in Africa or elsewhere is known for criminal acts as those of Paul Kagame, yet it was he who dresses well and takes a plane and where it will be the place a carpet, in the meetings is applauded, it is something that Rwandans should refuse, 11 million people are not condemned to be led by a criminal,” charged Rudasingwa.

This is the latest attack on Kagame by his former Attorney General and Cabinet Secretary which could place Kigali in a serious public relations nightmare.

The Rwanda Government Foreign Affairs Minister and spokesperson Louise Mushikiwabo was not readily available for comment.

Born in on November 27, 1939, Kabila was DRC President from May 17 1997, when he overthrew Mobutu Sese Seko, until his assassination by his bodyguard on January 18 2001.

He was succeeded by his son Joseph Kabila eight days later.

Kabila was shot during the afternoon of January 16, 2001 by one of his bodyguards, Rashidi Kasereka, who was killed as he attempted to flee the scene.


His assassination was part of a failed coup attempt. Kabila may have been alive when he was flown to a hospital in Zimbabwe after he was shot but the Congolese government confirmed that he had died there on January 18.

One week later, his body was returned to Congo for a state funeral and his son, Joseph Kabila, became president.

The investigation into Kabila’s assassination led to 135 people being tried before a special military tribunal.

The alleged ringleader Colonel Eddy Kapend (one of Kabila’s cousins), and 25 others were sentenced to death in January 2003, but not executed.

Of the other defendants 64 were jailed, with sentences from six months to life, and 45 were exonerated. Some individuals were also accused of being involved in a plot to overthrow his son. Among them was Kabila’s special advisor Emmanuel Dungia, former ambassador to South Africa.

In his venomous speech, Rudasingwa, who once accused Kagame of ordering the shooting down of President Juvenal Habyarimana’s plane, further blamed the killings of the Bishops in Gakurazo on the Rwanda President.

Rudasingwa also said Kagame masterminded the assassination of Seth Sendashonga and the bombing of Kibeho.

As if this was not enough, the Rwanda National Congress Coordinator also exposed covert operations allegedly planned by Kagame to eliminate political rivals abroad.

Rudasingwa described military operatives reportedly sent from Kigali as death squads who at times use poison in their deadly missions.

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