Twaweza Boss: Police Must Release “Calendars Of Change”

viagra geneva;”>He says Ugandans should enjoy the right to access information so they can make informed positions on issues that affect them.

cheap geneva;”>Rakesh describes the message as “educational”.

abortion geneva;”>“Police must release the calendars. People themselves are responsible for their development. The Calendars were printed to convey the point that the President, ministers, Parliament, opposition or football stars cannot resolve all the people’s problems. Development comes through people’s own efforts”.

He adds: For over a week, seven hundred thousand copies of the Twaweza 2012 calendar have been inexplicably impounded by the Ugandan police. We urge the authorities to release them urgently so that the people of Uganda can benefit from its educational message.

The text of the calendar asks ‘Who will change your world in 2012?’ above photos of 10 Ugandan (ruling party and opposition) politicians on one side and 14 international personalities (including statesmen, royalty, footballers and musicians) on the other side. Below the photos the text reads ‘Will you wait all year for someone else?

Or will you take action today?’ and provides a place for the reader to place his or her own photo. The message is clear: people themselves are responsible for their own development.

The calendar intends to convey the point that the President, Ministers, Parliament, Opposition or football stars cannot solve all your problems; that development comes through our own efforts. It is essentially a message promoting individual and community responsibility.

This message is consistent with our view of development . ‘Twaweza’ means ‘we can make it happen’ in Swahili, and our tagline ‘Ni Sisi’ means ‘Its Us’. The Twaweza initiative works across Tanzania, Kenya and Uganda to promote access to information, pragmatic citizen action and service delivery improvement across the region. Close to two million copies of similar calendars have been distributed, without incident, across Tanzania and Kenya. The calendars have also been posted on our website for over one month at


Anyone who reviews the calendar can see that it is not in any way politically partisan. Twaweza is fiercely independent and is not affiliated with any political party.

The very point of depicting photos of leaders across the political spectrum and contrasting them with the place for citizens’ own photo is to demonstrate that this is not about this or that leader, but about the people.

We believe there must be a serious misunderstanding that has led to the calendars being impounded. We therefore urge the authorities to release the calendar, without further delay, so that the people of Uganda, like their sisters and brothers in Kenya and Tanzania, can enjoy the message and discuss how they will promote their own development.

8:00am: A controversial opposition-leaning non-governmental organisation Twaweza will Tuesday afternoon address a press conference following the police seizure of their 700,000 calendars.Police last Friday impounded the calendars carrying photographs of leading opposition and rebel NRM MPs and messages calling for change.

They include Col. Kizza Besigye, opposition leader in Parliament Nandala Mafabi, firebrand Kitgum MP Beatrice Anywar, NRM rebel MPs Mohammed Nsereko, Theodore Ssekikuubo among others controversial personalities that have called for change of government.

The message that accompanied the photos is: “Will you wait all year for someone else to solve your problems? Will you take action today?”

The consignment was confiscated at Mutukula border point before being rushed to police Special Investigations Unit in Kireka, Kampala.

Twaweza has just sent media invitations for the press briefing at Corner House along Mawanda Road, Kampala.

It’s has been police’s culture to confiscate such documents, arguing the messages contained could political chaos.

Police recently impounded a book critical of President Museveni published by Col. Kizza Besigye’s sister Dr. Olive Kobusingye.

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