EXCLUSIVE: Special Courts To Try Somali Pirates

decease geneva; font-size: small;”>Hosted by UK Premier David Cameron, web delegates reiterated their determination to eradicate piracy, unhealthy noting that the problem requires a comprehensive approach on land as well as at sea.

“We welcomed new arrangements, which enable some states and naval operations to transfer suspected pirates captured at sea for trial by partners across the Indian Ocean region, and if convicted, to transfer them to prisons in Puntland and Somaliland which meet international standards,” one of the resolutions reads.

“We noted the intention to consider further the possibility of creating courts in Somalia specialised in dealing with piracy,” the delegates concurred.

Delegates expressed their concern that hostages in Somalia are being held longer and with more use of violence.

“We welcomed the work of the Contact Group on Piracy off the Coast of Somalia. We also welcomed the success of international military efforts, and remain committed to such efforts with robust rules of engagement and sufficient force generation,” one of the resolutions read.

Piracy is one of the leading causes of increased prices of imports as a result of high insurance costs.

Governments especially in East Africa lose billions every day due to piracy off the Somalia sea coast.

The Conference also agreed that piracy cannot be solved by military means alone, and reiterated the importance of supporting communities to tackle the underlying causes of piracy, and improving the effective use of Somali coastal waters through regional maritime capacity-building measures.


Fifty-five delegates from across the world we welcomed those initiatives underway and agreed to coordinate and support such initiatives better.

“We called for full implementation of the Djibouti Code of Conduct and the adoption of an Exclusive Economic Zone. We look forward to reviewing progress including at the Piracy Conference in the UAE in June,” they resolved.

The delegates further appreciated the efforts of partners in industry against piracy, and called for greater take-up of Best Management Practice on ships and also welcomed current work on international guidance on the use of private armed security companies.

Resolving there would be no impunity for piracy, delegates called for greater development of judicial capacity to prosecute and detain those behind piracy both in Somalia and in the wider region and recognised the need to strengthen capacity in regional states.

Delegates reiterated their determination to prosecute the kingpins of piracy.

Recognising work already undertaken, the meeting agreed to enhance coordination on illegal financial flows and to coordinate intelligence gathering and investigations.

“We noted the establishment of a Regional Anti-Piracy Prosecutions Intelligence Coordination Centre in the Seychelles.”

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