M7, MPs Fight Over UK Oil Petition Worsens

viagra 100mg geneva; font-size: small;”>Rebel NRM and opposition firebrand MPs last night castigated government for ignoring a moratorium on oil transactions by signing new concessions with Tullowa few weeks ago.

Led by Abdu Katuntu and Theodore Ssekikuubo, ten legislators officially announced their plans to petition UK House of Commons to investigate why Tullow illegally signed deals with Uganda.

Law experts tell a petition to UK would severely damage Tullow’s reputation thus poor performance on the stock market in London where it’s listed. That would translate into disastrous consequences for Uganda’s economy.

During the NRM caucus meeting at State House Entebbe on Monday, Museveni angrily told off legislators over the petition, saying culprits would be charged with “economic sabotage.”

However, Ssekikuubo last night blasted Museveni, accusing him of personalizing Uganda’s oil resources and warned him against making empty threats to intimidate them.

“Museveni has shamelessly mortgaged our oil fields as if they belong to him. Oil belongs to all Ugandans not Museveni and the thieving Tullow oil,” Ssekikuubo told press at Parliament.

The latest development underlines growing fears that Uganda’s oil could be a curse.

Museveni told MPs at Entebbe he would not allow anyone to sabotage the oil extraction. As we write this, latest information indicates some legislators are facing police questioning for penning the petition to UK Parliament.


Separately, Apac Woman MP accused Museveni of using the first oil revenue drop to purchase Russian fighter jets yet girls in her constituency lack basic necessities such as sanitary pads.

Ssekikuubo said Museveni was committing economic atrocities by defying Parliament on oil and “running a system of plunder.”

“We must call him to order because there must be something wrong with him,” he added.

Katuntu threatened to mobilize Ugandans for massive protests against the oil agreements.

“Let Museveni know that from now on wards, we shall start collecting signatures from civil society members, clergy and members of the public to petition French Parliament, UK house of Commons, European Union and United Nation to stop what he termed as “plunder of oil resources.”

Speaking at a luncheon with investors and the business community at the Corinthia Hotel in London yesterday, Museveni said government policy is that the money from oil is used to create a firm development capacity to benefit the future.

He assured investors and Ugandans as well that oil in Uganda will not be a curse as some people allege.

“The value of oil is what it will be used for to benefit our children. In Uganda there is no possibility of oil being a curse because, we have a firm base of leadership. Oil is a finite resource which will dry out tomorrow. It must be used to create durable capacity,” he said.

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