Besigye’s Men Attacked Police With Rocks And Missiles – Minister

medicine geneva; font-size: small;”>In a statement released a few minutes ago, order Baba says government is extremely concerned that once again unlawful protests have led to violence on our streets.

generic geneva;”>“Last afternoon officers of Uganda Police Force were attacked by a violent mob. Members of that mob included people who have stated their support for attempts to seize firearms from police officers and use them to overthrow the democratically elected government and a number of officers were injured,” says Baba.

The officers responded by using a gas which is designed to disperse crowds, according to the minister.

“It seems that some opponents of the government are simply not happy with peaceful and safe protests. They seem intent on grabbing headlines by creating confrontation with the police and provoking conflict,” notes Baba.

Besigye and his four aides were rushed to Case Clinic in Kampala after shrapnel from stun grenades tore through their legs.

Police was dispersing a rally organized by members of Activists for Change.

“Our police officers then came under attack with large rocks and other missiles. Four officers were so severely injured that they required hospital treatment. In self-defence, and to protect innocent bystanders, the police deployed a small number of canisters of incapacitating gas,” says Baba.

He adds: “Their objective in so doing was to disperse the violent mob. Despite some hysterical and irresponsible reporting, no live rounds were discharged and no baton-rounds (rubber bullets) were used. The only weapon utilised by police was the standard canisters of gas which have been used for many years.”


According to the Minister, while any injuries are obviously regrettable, no person sustained any serious injuries as a result of police action.

He says in recent times, some political leaders have engaged with police and informed them of their desire to hold rallies and public meetings.

“Without exception, every time they have done this, the assembly has passed off without incident. When they fail to persuade people with reason, sense and logic they resort to violence against the State’s officers of law and order then claim that they have been victimised when police respond to their assaults.”


“Let me be clear, the Government of Uganda will not tolerate the use of unreasonable of force by any police officer at anytime. We will, however, be equally emphatic in standing by our police officers who defend themselves and the citizens of Uganda in the face of violent attack,” Baba confirmed.


Baba also warns the media against peddling falsehoods.

“The simple facts, however, were lost in a smokescreen of hysterical, sensationalistic and just plain false reporting. I saw tweets saying that a person had been shot, news reports that grenades had been used by police, that another person was fighting for their life and that police weapons had been seized by the mob.”

He says it is long overdue that the media in this country begin taking their own responsibilities seriously.

“Some seem more concerned with finding the creating the most sensational headlines than reporting events accurately without fear or favour.”

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