4000 Households Lack Toilets in Kabale

4660 and 96, cheapest 330 households in Kabale district do not have toilets and hand washing facilities respectively.

Oliver Namanya the Kabale district health inspector, speaking to our reporter at his office at Makanga Hill, Kabale Municipality revealed the daunting finding.

According to the 2016 district sanitation survey, out of the 118,706 households in Kabale district, 4660 house lack toilets while 96,330 households were found with no toilet hand washing facilities.

Namanya says the district is commencing an operation to arrest heads of households without latrines.

He added that open defecation remains a common health threat in the district which he said they are trying to address through community led total sanitation, where community members are sensitized on the vice’s dangers and how to address it.

Namanya says that locals in the district are on a risk of being hit by epidemic diseases like cholera, typhoid, and diarrhoea among others.

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