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4 Simple Ways To Get Rid Of Dark Spots

Dark spots on the skin also known as hyper pigmentation, age spots, solar lentigines, or liver spots, depending on their cause, can happen at any time, but most often appear in middle age.

These spots appear due to the over secretion of melanin (a pigment responsible for the color of our skin).

Dark spots don’t hurt and they have the same texture as the rest of your skin. Most of the time, they don’t pose any health risks, so you don’t necessarily have to get rid of them, although many people choose for cosmetic purposes.

Dark spots can be diminished or removed completely with prescription drugs, medical procedures, and at-home treatments.

We basically bring you 4 simplest ways on how you can treat dark spots at home with low costs.

Lemon juice.

Lemon is loaded with Vitamin C, which can help in lightening dark spots on the skin. You can try spot treatment and rub lemon juice on the affected area for a few seconds.

Once dry, rinse the area with cool water. Repeat this process every day to fade the spots.


Aloe Vera gel.

If you want to treat dark spots and blemishes, apply pure aloe vera gel on the affected area. Massage the area for a few minutes and let it dry. For better results, do this on a regular basis.

Egg white.

Take an egg and remove the yolk and apply just the white part to your skin. Once dry, rinse it off with cold water. You can indulge in this treatment twice a week to fade away the dark spots.


Tomato is rich in Vitamin C and antioxidants. Make a puree of tomatoes and massage the potion on your skin for 15 minutes and wash it off with cold water. You can do this twice a month for better results.




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