4 Sentenced to Two Years in Jail Over Ivory Trafficking

City Hall court Grade One Magistrate, viagra 100mg His Worship, abortion Moses Nabende on Friday sentenced four ivory traffickers to two years in jail after they were found guilty of smuggling 13.5 kilogrammes of ivory tusks worth Shs54 million.

The four, viagra 100mg Ali Wausa alias Hisijere, 47, Dickson Kweitesa, 39, Chris Tumukunde, 37 and Charles Kakooza however, also have chance to pay the fine of Shs54million in fraction.

Prosecution led by Ms Winnie Namayenje from Natural Resource Conservation Network (NRCN) told court that Ali Wausa, a resident of Garuga along Entebbe Road together with three others accepted in the transfer of wildlife specimen, illegal possession of wildlife trophies of 13.5 kilogrammes of ivory tusks and conspiracy to commit a felony.

The convicts were arrested on June 14, 2015 at Nob View Hotel in Ntinda.

The Magistrate, while in his ruling said, “Accepting in the transfer of wildlife body parts is contrary to Section 30 and 75 (b) of the Uganda Wildlife Act of 200 laws of Uganda.”

The ivory tusks were carried from Ntungamo to Kampala packed in two polythene bags allegedly belonging to a Kampala businessman, a one Ssebaggala.

Wausa also doubles as a teacher of Malongo Secondary School in Mayuge district who is on government’s payroll.

In the mitigation, the convicts pleaded with court to lessen the penalty saying they had families that they take care of as they are the sole breadwinners to their respective families.


The magistrate on the same note added that, “I take liberty to sentence the convicts to pay a fine of on the fraction of Shs54 million, in that each convict will pay a fraction of the above figure and that will be Shs13.5million.”

NRCN’s prosecutor, Namayenje said, “I am happy that this has been a fair ruling that will serve as a warning to the rest of the people who wish to engage in this kind of illegal wildlife trade.”

Natural Resource Conservation Network is a local NGO dealing in the conservation of wildlife animals most especially those whose lives are endangered that include the rhinoceros, elephants, parrots and pangolins among others.

Earlier while making his ruling, Nabende further explained why he gave that ruling in that manner saying, “It is because the convicts wasted court’s time and creating danger to animals, for example, elephants which are near extinction in our country.”

There is a big outcry on how Uganda’s wildlife is being threatened by poaching and trafficking in their body parts causing conservation of wildlife in the country pretty hard.

The Chief Executive Officer with Natural Resource Conservation Network Mr Vincent Opyene expressed his happiness saying, “The ruling was fairly handled and as a conservationist I still pray that other courts emulate this kind of noble ruling.”

Mr Opyene says the ruling was fairly deterrent and that wildlife belongs to the people of Uganda urging every Ugandan to get interested in the conservation of our precious resources.

He added that people like the four convicts, by killing elephants for ivory deprive the rest of citizen of income that accrues from wildlife tourism as tourism is our number two foreign currency earner after agriculture.

Mr Opyene adds that courts should make their ruling basing on the magnitude of the case at hand. In many instances, we see scenarios where people with high profile wildlife cases are given lighter sentence when compared to some who may be their first time in the trade and with little merchandise. End

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