SPECIAL REPORT: Gen. Tinyefuza Abandons Name For Luganda Identity

approved geneva; font-size: small;”>The much-feared Coordinator of Uganda’s Intelligence Organs renounced the old name according to a deed poll—a legal document enabling a person to officially change his or her name—he signed before the Commissioner for Oaths last week.

this web geneva;”>“I DAVID SEJUSA, sales the undersigned, and a resident of Uganda, do hereby absolutely relinquish, abandon and renounce the use of the names DAVID TINYEFUZA which appears on some of my academic documents, records and instruments and in lieu thereof, assume and adopt the use of the names DAVID SEJUSA, by which I shall from henceforth, be known, addressed and called at all times, by all persons, in records, dealings, transactions, instruments and otherwise whatsoever,” read the deed poll published in Monitor today February 20.

“Sejusa” means “not regretting.”

Applicants who wish to change their names are required by law to give a “reasonable explanation” for their decision.

And upon acceptance of the application by the Commissioner for Oaths, the applicant is required to post legal notices in newspapers to announce the name change.

The motive behind the move is still unclear.


However, Tinye’s strange decision comes at a time when the General has fallen out of favour with the ruling establishment, can reveal.


President Yoweri Museveni’s relations with Tinyefuza started developing cracks during the September 2009 Kayunga riots.

At that time, a rumuor spread like wild fire in security circles that Gen. Tinye, as he fondly known, had been placed under house arrest.

He was suspected of aiding Buganda youth fanatics who were taking on security forces in thrilling battles in Bwaise, Nateete, Kasubi, Mukono, Kampala, Ndeeba, Kayunga and other volatile places.

At that time, it was believed Tinyefuza was supplying crucial intelligence information through Besigye’s right-hand man Maj. John Kazoora.

Actually, it was Col. Kizza Besigye who telephoned the Kabaka at the last minute, begging him not to drive to Kayunga as the army was ready to arrest him.

Kabaka had insisted on being chauffeured to Kayunga for a youth function against the wishes of government which argued then that the King’s safety was in jeopardy if he visited the secessionist Kayunga district.

It was resolved by security chiefs that all crucial intelligence regarding operations against the rioters should be provided to police boss Maj. Gen. Kale Kayihura who was reporting directly to President Museveni.

Generals Salim Saleh, Ivan Koreta and Aronda Nyakairima and then Kakiri 1st Division Commander Brig. Burundi were tasked primarily with defending the city and ensuring all dangerous elements are brought to order.

Luck was on Museveni’s side. He defeated the Buganda rebellious youth.


A few weeks later, word went around that Tinyefuza had bought Body Joy, a plush hang out in Bugolobi at a staggering Shs3bn, a development that shocked security.

Tinye later closed the nightspot for unknown reasons.

You will also recall that a few years ago, Museveni clipped Tinye’s wings when he directed that ISO, ESO and CMI bosses must report directly to State House instead of the Coordinator for Intelligence Organs.

This left Tinye idle and a toothless dog. By coming out now to change his name to Sejusa, the frustrated General could be seeking sympathy from Buganda and Ugandans.


Tinye is a very controversial man who has for long been nursing presidential ambitions. In the early 1990s, Museveni at one time summoned opposition leader Col. Kizza Besigye and Tinye for a meeting at state House, Nakasero.

Museveni said he had reports that the two army officers were planning to overthrow him. The pair denied the allegations but two kept schmoozing. Tinye was later to be Besigye’s best man during his wedding with Eng. Winnie Byanyima in the late 1990s.

Since then, Museveni has been sleeping with one eye open considering Tinye’s overwhelming ambitions.

The new Luganda name will surely unsettle the army hierarchy which has of late faced stiff resistance from Buganda militant youth. It’s also a blow to the unity of the army.

Buganda has only one Maj. General – Katumba Wamala – the Land Forces Commander.


The bad blood between Tinye and Museveni was further worsened when the President last year instructed Gen. Aronda and Security Minister Muruli Mukasa to evict the belligerent General from a mansion in Kololo.

This came after KCCA boss Jennifer Musisi advised Tinye to vacate the house since it belonged to the City Authority. Tinye threatened to arrest Musisi until Museveni intervened.

On one Sunday night, Tinye took the advantage of the cover of darkness, packed his bags and quit the house.

At one time, Tinye snubbed a call from MPs to appear before the Presidential Affairs Committee to explain the controversy surrounding the KCCA house at Plot 2 Mabua Road in Kololo.

MP Barnabus Tinkasiimire blasted the General for being indisciplined: “He is a habitual indiscipline army officer (and) I am surprised he is heading the intelligence services of this country.”


There have also been reports that Gen. Tinye facilitated the escape of Rwanda fugitive general Kayumba Nyamwasa in 2010 through Uganda to Nairobi then South Africa.

With Museveni now in a new relationship with Kagame, antagonists like Tinye are bound to fall from grace to grass.

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