Corrupt Ministers’ Resignation: Uganda Explodes In Joy

order geneva; font-size: small; line-height: 115%;”>The duo quit office yesterday after a Parliamentary probe discovered they inflated compensation to tycoon Hassan Bassajabalaba to a staggering Shs169bn after he lost tenders for city markets.

pilule geneva;”>The two ministers told MPs they had decided to quit, allowing smooth investigations into the scandal.

Following the pronouncement, Ugandans took to Twitter and Facebook to celebrate the fall of the alleged corrupt ministers whom MPs accused of plundering State coffers.

Some social networkers also called upon President Yoweri Museveni to step down since he allowed the compensation though he did not authorize the figure.

Dozens noted that resignations are not enough, arguing the ministers must refund stolen monies. compiled their views.

Mukiibi Serunjogi says: “Now I can conclude that Museveni’s regime is the most corrupt and tribalistic government ever to rule Uganda since independence.”

Tom Okwalinga notes: Syda Bumba STOOOOOOOOOP disrespecting the dead. This woman in her resignation speech came close to declaring that since her brothers died in Museveni liberation wars and notably AHMED SEGUYA, the first NRA commander, then that provided her with immunity to screw up anyone and everyone as she wishes with impunity. I say: WRONG!!!!!

Denis Mugonza says: They have reaped what they sowed. After them, who is next?


Hassan Wasswa notes: It is time they earn what their hands used to do.


Damian Kat says these guys are simply “learned” not “educated.”Mr and Mrs I know it all.

Simie Annie Nyanjura: “It’s for following the trend… what do you do when everybody is resigning and you are not Amama?

Mike Omalla: I know Moses Ali announced the two have resigned, but the issue is would the trend be the same??? At least they have done the honorable thing to resign, I know others would not even step aside to allow to be investigated, big up Dr Makubuya and Syda.

Barbra Natifu says: Our political journey must begin here”…over the cliff, it is…

Moses Atocon: R. Kelly sung “the storm is over:” but for the cabinet the “storm is not over and you will not see the sunshine and heaven over your heads” let the majority on the hit list prepare to GO!!!

Danny Gant stresses: MPs must be disappointed. It has ended like that?

Ronald Kayizzi says: “End of the road…!!! I like this.

Moses Atocon: Like one mentioned let Khiddu begin to spill the beans.

Magezi Ndora: I have read with dismay the resignation of two ministers namely Kidhu Makubuya and Bumba. It is a great pity that Ugandan legislators practice parliamentary mob justice on the flow while simple minded Ugandans chant insulting slogans at the victims…

Edward Soyinka Echwalu: Already? Really guys are fast!

Kato Ratko Moses: Did the two commit the sin? If yes do they deserve to stay in the positions they have been holding for another day? Have they served Uganda rightly? Or have they let down Uganda & Ugandans????

Danny Magezi Ndora: Like you said two wrongs don’t make one right. These ministers are only accused. Have they been given audience? Do you believe in justice? What we saw in parliament is a mere democratic assemble of anger.

Fredrick Macheri: That’s not enough!!!! We need our money back and all those involved should be brought to book.

Peter Magelah: I have a feeling that this acting or some sort of Public Relations.

Hamida Ddungu Jims This feels good man.

Fred Senoga Makubuya: We might get our money back but we can’t fire all that were involved, otherwise who will be left to lead Uganda?!

On Twitter:

Polycarp K. Mugizi: I hope Bumba and Makubuya have really resigned, not the Kabakumba style.

Ssonko: Don’t give up the fight!

Kalinaki: When people ask me why I do what I I tell them it is for moments like this.

Ambrose M Kibuuka: But NRM. I wish you well.

Polycarp K: Barely one year after election of a new government 5 cabinet ministers have resigned over corruption allegations. This is a hurricane!

Mubatsi Asinja H: Uganda ministers resign: but is it still a case of fishing the tilapia as the sharks enjoy the waters?

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