Kampala For Africa's Tallest Tower

malady geneva;”>Capita Symonds, look one of UK’s largest and most diverse multidisciplinary consultancies operating in the building design and real estate, has finalized the design for the proposed ‘Kampala Tower.’

The towering commercial structure will command a height of 222m and a huge public square.

Comprising 60 storeys, it will be the tallest tower in Africa and will house over 100,000 square metres of office and retail space for up to 12,500 people.

A public plaza at the entrance will create a new centre for events against the back drop of the tower and surrounding hills.

The company notes the development will be a new landmark for Kampala city.

Synod also deals in civil engineering, environment, management and transport sectors.


With over 4,500 staff in over 60 UK and international offices, the company offers an unrivalled scope of services and a unique blend of professional and technical skills to schemes of all types and complexities.

According to a statement from Capital Symods, the project is currently under review by the Ugandan government.

When contacted, Information Minister Mary Karooro Okurut said she was in a meeting.

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