Uganda Minister Blocks Gays Meeting At Luxury Resort

cialis 40mg geneva; font-size: small;”>Lokodo physically ordered the management of Imperial Resort Beach Hotel in Entebbe to kick out the gays under Freedom and Roam Uganda, an organisation that promotes gayism.

Lokodo openly told the homosexuals that what they practice is illegal and unacceptable in Uganda.

The Minister ordered the homos to disperse or else call in police to take necessary action.

“As a Minister of Ethics, I have today decided to close this conference because it’s illegal. Homosexuality is not allowed in Uganda; please pack your bags now and go home,” Lokodo instructed.

Some gays reportedly hurled insults at the Minister.

Lokodo later grilled hotel managers for allowing the secret meeting. They later knelt, begging for mercy.

Being a strong Catholic, Lokodo pardoned the Hotel staff on condition that such meetings are not allowed again.

He threatened punitive action if his orders were disobeyed in future.


Lokodo early this week issued a strongly-worded statement, saying the Anti-Gay Bill must be debated in parliament despite resistance from western countries.

Efforts by pro-gay activists to block the Bill have now been rendered futile after MP David Bahati dropped the death clause for convicts of aggravated homosexuality.

Bahati says the Bill, which last week received overwhelming support in Parliament, is meant to protect the traditional family and human race from extinction and the moral fabric of the nation.

Homosexuality is outlawed by the Penal Code but Bahati says it’s provisions are vague and necessitate tightening.

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