394,000 Land Titles Affected By Closure Of Ministry Of Lands Offices In Wakiso

At least 394,000 land titles will be affected by temporary closure of Ministry of Lands Wakiso zonal offices.

The Minister of State for Lands Hon Persis Namuganza told press on Friday that the Ministry will temporarily close its zonal offices for Wakiso district to allow software system upgrade of Land Information System (LIS) that will end forgery of land titles, corruption among other irregularities in the land transactions.

Out of 394,000 affected land titles, 202,000 are in Busiro while 192,000 are in Kyadondo.

Namuganza noted that last year, there were nearly 1 million land title transactions in both Busiro and Kyadondo.

“For Busiro last year, we had around 480,000 transactions while for Kyadondo, we carried out 466,000,” she said.

Since 2013, the Ministry of Lands, Housing and Urban Development has been implementing and updating the version of software being used in LIS to abolish manual land transactions.

The update has been completed for all 20 Ministry zonal office (MZO) Registries apart from Wakiso.

The temporary closure which will run from 4th to 21st January 2020 will enable carrying out of crucial system upgrades of land Information System (LIS) which cannot be done while the offices are open to the public


The above land transactions will be affected because according to Namuganza, “during the period of closure, there shall be no transactions received and/ or registered.”

She added, “there shall also not be generation of deed plans as cartographic and survey operations will also be stopped.”

She explained how the technology works and its significance.

“In the new technology, if someone tries to survey land which was already surveyed earlier on, the system is able to tell you that this land is already surveyed, already titled and is already in the names of somebody,” said Namuganza.

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