JINJA POLLS: DP Concedes Defeat, FDC's Mwiru Speaks Out

store geneva;”>Party President Nobert Mao says the people of Jinja Municipality East have spoken.

price geneva;”>“We have heard them loud and clear. The FDC Candidate Paul Mwiru is the new Member of Parliament for Jinja East Constituency. The Democratic Party candidate Alex Waiswa Mufumbiro ran a strong, viagra focused and issue-based campaign. As the flag-bearer of the younger generation, Waiswa boldly declared that not only should the politicians change but the politics should also change,” Mao notes.

“Now the elections are behind us. We join the people of Jinja East in congratulating Mwiru Paul and the FDC for an emphatic victory. Paul Mwiru now has the opportunity to fulfill the promises he has been making to his constituents over the last ten years. We wish him the best as he joins the August House. We will expect no less from him than we would have expected from the DP candidate,” he adds.

Mao hails those who rallied around the banner of truth and justice which Alex Waiswa held aloft.

“Despair not. Your efforts, like those of our candidate, have not been in vain. You have sown the seeds of freedom and in time green shoots of justice will sprout. The result of the election affirms the prevailing sentiment in the constituency. It is a vote of no confidence in Nathan Igeme Nabeta and the NRM,” he concludes.

The statement affirms the maturity in Uganda’s politics.

Defeated NRM candidate Nathan Igeme Nabeta is yet to issue a statement on the humiliating election outcome.


In a related development, Mwiru has praised his supporters for guarding votes and showing in big numbers to support him.

Below is his full appreciation:

Dear my friends of Jinja and Uganda I would like to thank you for this overwhelming mandate that you have given me a challenge to deliver on our goals.

Work begins now. I would like to thank you and congratulate you for our win as a people of Jinja because now we have a leader who can listen to you.

I will seek continued guidance to build Jinja and bring the change that we all deserve. You made us. You showed the world that our voices can be heard once more.

You protected your vote and you have brought change to Jinja.

I would like to thank my party FDC for all the support they rendered to me in this campaign but more so the people of Jinja you have done a lot since the first day I declared my intentions to represent you.

I would like you to know that our next work is to get our brothers and sisters in jails before we can embark on other things.

We will have to build confidence with those that never supported us because we are a team of unity we will work with them because they matter to us as well as they are our people.

Thank You for Trusting, Thank you very much.

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