Opposition MP Rejects Shs103m Luxury Car Cash

story geneva; font-size: small;”>“While I read in the papers that MPs have actually got this money I am yet to see mine on the account. My personal take and conviction is that the timing of the car offer, doctor if it materialises about now, would be out of order given the economic dire constraints the country is negotiating through,” Mpuuga notes.

Some MPs have already picked the cash deposited on their bank accounts. The Ugandan tax payer will fork out over Shs170bn for the 170 MPs’ Land Cruiser cars.

Activists have condemned the move saying the funding comes at a time when Uganda is facing a serious economic crisis.

Ugandans have as well, on social network sites especially Twitter and Facebook, blasted MPs for being so insensitive considering the bleeding state of the nation’s economy.

Ugandans say civil servants especially teachers and doctors deserve a pay rise not MPs.

Mpuuga says the MPs do not deserve the cars at this time.

“It could wait for a while until normalcy returns. Secondly, I appreciate the challenges of an MP in any constituency; but hasten to confess that an alternative method for acquiring them at a less cost to the tax payer would be sought,” Mpuuga charges.

“Since MPs are not the worst paid Ugandans, say a guaranteed hire purchase spread over five years would work,” he adds.


Mpuuga is the first MP to publicly turn down the saucy offer.

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