Fury As Ugandan MPs Bag Shs103m For Luxury Cars

rx geneva; font-size: small; line-height: 115%;”>Since Uganda has 170 new legislators, sick the tax payer will fork out a staggering Shs170b for Land Cruiser prado cars. Ugandans say the funding is too exorbitant, unnecessary and must be immediately stopped.

MPs have already started collecting the huge sums of money wired to their bank accounts.

This could be Parliament’s biggest scandal in recent years.

The huge offer comes at a time when teachers, doctors and other civil servants have been protesting over poor wages.

Government has for instance stubbornly turned down teachers’ pleas for a salary increment (from Shs200, 000 to 500,000 per month) to meet the rising cost of living.

The decision to offer MPs luxury cars has enraged the nation, with hundreds pouring out their hearts on social sites Facebook and Twitter.

Ugandans described the move as a shame and MPs as very insensitive. They expressed their disgust for the extravagant expenditure when some government health centres lack medical supplies.

The scandal got a dramatic twist today when the popular KFM D’Mighty Breakfast show host Roger Mugisha resigned after learning MPs had bagged the cash.


Ugandans were further incensed on learning that opposition MPs had received the money against the wishes of their constituents.

Pamela Asiimwe charges: “While most MPs Now are the opposition MP’s also taking this 103m for personal cars!!!!!! So then the A4C should stop fooling you.”

Mark Keith Muhumuza tweets: Now you know why electricity subsidies were scrapped – to pay for MP’s Cars.

Albert Mucunguzi notes: What happens to someone who is a Minister and MP at the same time? Gets cash for a car as well? Gets me wondering: who is worse? Bassajja (142billion in a business deal), or Parliament (UGX.170bn in a car luxury expense?)

Mosh Ibrahim posts: Greed, wastefulness and emptying state coffers. It’s possible someone out there might be stuffing the mouth of MP’s with potatoes so that they lay low like envelopes as the country is mauled to pieces.

Mark Kibalama observes: It may be part of the plot to ease Basajja’s woes and the one man handling of oil sector, without enabling laws.

Kalundu Timothy W charges: “It has come to this!!!!! Ugandans are becoming emotional and it is high time our MP’s and the Government at large listen to our disgusted voices.

Wilber Brian Sendi says: I haven’t listened to radio today. Somehow tight but is this true? What the hell are these guys up to and after that they deceive us with walk to work. Politics is doomed.

Willy Byarabaha roars: I thought we had gotten a serious parliament to fight corruption but instead they are engineering it, how dare can an MP get Shs103m for just buying a car when his or her constituents are dying of silly diseases? I am very disappointed with these greedy legislators.

Mr Mosh says: Greedy goons just.

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