M7 Hails Liberation War Heroes At Tarehe Sita Party

web geneva; font-size: small;”>He singled out the late Lt. General Mayunga and that of Mzee Israel Kabwa Atwoki, for their exemplary contribution to the struggle to rid Uganda of dictatorial regimes.

Gen. Museveni was today presiding over the 31st anniversary celebrations to mark the inception of the National Resistance Army/National Resistance Movement (NRA/NRM) struggle to topple dictatorial regimes in Uganda.

The colorful ceremony that was attended by delegations from countries of the Great Lakes’ Region and beyond, was held at Nyakasanga Stadium in Kasese district> The celebrations ran under the theme “Regional Cooperation in Security for Sustainable National and Regional Development.”

The President hailed the late Lt. General Mayunga who was a Brigadier then, commanding the 206 Brigade of the Tanzanian People’s Defence Forces TPDF) for obeying orders issued to him by the late Mwalimu Julius Nyerere, former President of Tanzania, to help Uganda attain her freedom.

He also paid tribute to Mzee Kabwa Atwoki, who hails from Fort Portal Municipality, for transporting arms that had been delivered to Bujumbura, Burundi on to Uganda.

President Museveni congratulated all those who received medals in recognition of their contribution at various levels to the liberation of Uganda.

One hundred and one civilians received the Nalubale Medal. 389 military personnel received the Luwero Medal while 198 people received the Damu medal awarded to members of the military. Lt. Gen Kale Kayihura, who is the Inspector General of Police, received the Luwero medal.

Museveni told the gathering of the inception of the struggle that was started with only 27 guns that toppled a whole regime. He added that the NRM similarly found the economy in shambles with an annual revenue collection of Shs. 5 billion but has turned it round to realize an annual tax collection of more than Shs6 trillion.


The President assured the nation that with the infrastructure now in place coupled with the discovery of the petroleum resource, “the economy of Uganda will roar and go forward much faster.”

He, however, warned that nobody will ever again be allowed to delay the development of infrastructure, such as electricity and petroleum, as some Members of Parliament were attempting to do.

Speaking further on the petroleum, Museveni said the clauses that had raised issues of contention with petroleum exploration were last Friday 3rd February 2012, signed on his directive with the companies concerned and work is to resume soon.

He reminded the people of the Rwenzori Sub-Region in particular and Uganda in general, that it is only through agriculture that families can find a lot of wealth. He stressed the importance of optimum utilization of home stead farms to generate household income.

On the issue of the proposed Kasese International Airport, President Museveni assured the people of the region that the Shs100 billion facility will be built and that the design has been done.

Regarding the irrigation issue, he disclosed that government has an ambitious plan for the area because it is a food basket for Uganda.

He added that God had already done the engineering in the high mountainous region and government is to work on the distribution of water using gravity system.

He said the old system of Mubuku will be repaired and expanded and other systems will be built along the rivers in the area.

The King of Rwenzururu, His Highness Charles Wesley Mumbere Iremangoma, appreciated the work of the UPDF of defeating all negative and retrogressive forces and noted this had ushered in peace not only to the region but to all corners of Uganda.

The Minister of Defence Dr. Crispus Kiyonga, who is Bukonzo West MP, paid tribute to UPDF for the peace and development the people of Uganda are enjoying today.

The Chief of the Defense Forces General Aronda Nyakairima, stressed that security is the spring-board of development and affirmed UPDFs’ resolve to work together with neighbouring forces to ensure stability in the region.

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