EXCLUSIVE: Kabaka Warns Media: Leave My Sex Life

website this site geneva; font-size: small;”>In an earth-shattering statement released last night by Buganda Prime Minister Eng. J B Walusimbi, remedy treatment the King says he will not accept any further apologies from those who defame him.

look geneva;”>The warning comes shortly after Vision Group boss Robert Kabushenga humbly apologized for publishing fake pictures of the Kabaka’s new wife, the mother to baby Prince Richard Ssemakokiro.

Walusimbi notes the identity of Ssemakokiro’s mother will soon be availed to the public, insisting there is no cause for alarm.

“This situation is being exploited by enemies of Buganda and Kabaka who keep peddling falsehoods. Such characters are hell-bent on defaming and arm-twisting Kabaka. They must stop concocting photographs,” Walusimbi’s strong-worded statement reads.

“Surprisingly, all this happens in the name of making money. This is a big shame. We condemn it in the strongest terms possible.”

Walusimbi says the Kingdom is undertaking cultural ceremonies before the full identity of the Prince’s mother is revealed.

The Kabaka, Namasole, Nabikande, Kasujju, Mugema, elderly women and the mother of the prince attend these functions, according to Walusimbi.

“At this moment, there is no reason as to why people especially journalists keep probing the identity of Ssemakookiro’s mother yet there are other princes and princesses they never cared to find their mothers. Those who poke their noses into this matter are not Buganda’s friends. They are our enemies. I appeal to all Baganda to shun these people.”


Walusimbi says Kabaka’s private life does not concern anybody nor is it a matter of speculation.

“From no onwards, Buganda will never ever accept an apology from anyone who intentionally defames Kabaka and ridicules the kingdom’s culture. Therefore, only the Kabaka, through his Premier can offer authoritative information on Ssemakokiro’s mother,” Walusimbi charges.

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