AS IT HAPPENED: Kagame Meets Rwandese At Serena

there sans-serif; font-size: small;”>Kibale MP Frank Tumwebaze: My constituents are annoyed you don’t come to Rwengoro Primary School in Kamwenge which groomed you. Kagame lived in Kamwenge during his youthful years.

dosage sans-serif; font-size: small;”>Internal affairs Minister Asuman Kiyingi says anyone born in Uganda is constitutionally allowed to hold Ugandan passports.

Kagame asked why he has no initiative to honour those who supported RPF war.

12:00pm: It’s time ask the burning questions.

Q&A: Mzee Makaka says Rwandese in Uganda have so many problems and a Ministry sh’d be put in place to cater for such.

11:50am: Kagame is still speaking.

Rwandans should give themselves Agaciro and give it to others as well, no one should wait for this to be given to them.

“Forge unity among yourselves. Know what you want and get it”


Good relations should exist among Rwandans and beyond to the communities they live in. Rwandans should add value “Agaciro” wherever they are…

“Rwanda accepts dual or multiple nationality. It is an asset” He points out that one time nearly half the cabinet had more than one nationality.”

“Good politics transcends ethnicity & borders, it’s about productive positive partnerships.”

“If you are Rwandan living in Uganda and misbehave, that won’t help Rwanda and vice versa. Good politics, business should transcend tribes, boarders, origins.”

“There is no reason to make distinctions between Banyarwanda in Rwanda and Uganda – we are the same people and all should work for the common good.

Kagame notes that Africa is lagging behind because we resort to tribal identity to explain away our actions and activities.

Be law-abiding citizens and work hard to develop your selves, Kagame tells Rwandese living in Uganda.

He says politics based on divisionism has never advanced any country. “You cannot divide a people and expect the nation to succeed”

He says politics based on divisionism has never advanced any country. “You cannot divide a people and expect the nation to succeed”

“My country men, please do not to feel like foreigners in Uganda. I also urge Ugandans in Rwanda to take country as their home.”

President asks: “Where is the wall between Uganda and Rwanda?” he asks. Observers say Kagame is cementing bilateral ties.

“I lived in Uganda for 30 years – how can I fail to come here for three days?” One cannot put a price to friendship between two countries!

President Kagame says he is happy to be in Kampala. He notes Uganda/Rwanda

“Our country is part of a larger family of Africans.”

Kagame concurs with Donat Kananura that Rwanda, though small, is big hearted and part of a larger EAC community

A smiling Kagame greets his countrymen before conveying greetings of friends and relatives in Rwanda. “I thank you for gathering here today…”

President Paul Kagame picks the microphone, takes to the podium

8:30am: President Kagame now meeting with over 3000 members of the Rwandan community in Uganda, they have travelled from all over the country

Mugambage outlines issues of importance to the Rwandan diaspora that have already been resolved or in progress

High Commissioner Mugambage says those here are but a fraction of Rwandans living in Uganda.

Umubano leader Donat Kananura says Kigali city is comparable to Geneva in beauty.

He thanks President Kagame for stopping genocide and leading Rwanda’s recovery and socio-economic transformation.

Kananura says the genocidaires are evil.

MC for the day Mzee Mutebwa calls on Chairman of the Rwandan community in Uganda, Donald Kananura

All Rwandese attending the function are holding Rwanda flags. The organisation of the meeting excites many.

Rwanda Ambassador to Uganda Frank Mugamabgye is praising Uganda for awarding President Paul Kagame three medals during the NRM 26th Anniversary celebrations in Kapchorwa yesterday.

Humorous MC Mutenda introduces First Lady Jeannette Kagame to Banyarwanda at the function.

Kananura says the gift of traditional spear & shield symbolises continued defense of Rwanda and protection of gains the nation has made

Kananura on behalf of Banyarwanda living in Uganda presents a gift of traditional spear & shield to Kagame in appreciation of his leadership and uniting Rwandans

7:30am: Security is water-tight at Kampala Serena Hotel as Rwanda President Paul Kagame meets his countrymen living in Uganda. yesterday exclusively reported that 3,000 Rwandese would interact with their leader today.

The meeting kicked off at 8:00am, triggering a monstrous traffic jam in Nakasero.

The Special Forces, an elite unit that protects the President and his family, is in charge of the security.

The move could help Rwandese iron out issues following reports of a split within their umbrella organisation Umubano.

For a good number of years, Rwanda exiles and refugees living in Uganda have accused the Umubano chairman Donat Kananura of providing sanctuary to Kagame’s military spies to mistreat, harass and spy on them.

The development also comes at a time when some Umubano members have been complaining to President Yoweri Museveni of harassment by Kigali military spies.

This followed an incident last November where a Rwandese scribe Charles Ingabire was shot dead at Makies’ Pub in Kampala. He had earlier fled Rwanda.

Mourners also claimed they were being harassed by Kagame’s spies.

Rwanda categorically denied the allegations.

During a media briefing last month In Kampala, Kagame said his security had obtained facts on the murder of Ingabire. He denied any involvement in the murder.

He said the Inyenyeri new editor had stolen funds from a refugee organisation in Kigali before fleeing to Uganda.

Kagame yesterday received three medals in Kapchorwa for his role in the NRA liberation struggle.

He is one of the 27 combatants who attacked Kabamba barracks thus looting arms and food supplies for the ragtag rebel group that captured power in 1986.

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