Kagame Receives Three War Medals

and sans-serif; font-size: small;”>Accept our humble & deepest gratitude for this recognition of our modest contribution to freedom in Uganda.

viagra sans-serif; font-size: small;”>We were availed the opportunity to participate in the liberation of Uganda, cheapest what we gave can never equal what we gained from this country.

These awards are testimony to enduring links, forged by a shared history and common struggle, between, not only our peoples, but other Africans.

I dedicate these medals to all Rwandans & Ugandans who committed their lives to fight for the freedom we enjoy today.

I congratulate you Mr President, the NRM and all Ugandans on this anniversary of your victory and the tremendous progress you have made Rwandans and Ugandans may live in two countries, but their lives have always been closely intertwined

The strong ties are demonstrated by how people of Uganda, led by you Mr President, stood by us when time came for our own struggle.

Our efforts are proof that we have it within our means to establish peace and democratic and good governance to better lives of our people.

If we were ever to fail, we would only have ourselves to blame, for these public goods will never come from outside.


Challenge now is transforming our societies. Just as we needed to work together for freedom, we have to drive our countries and people forward.

President Museveni is a strong advocate of regional integration, larger markets, greater intra-African trade and adding value to our resources.

We share this commitment to a process that will give us a bigger and more relevant voice in global affairs.

We also share the vision of our continent that should use its enormous assets to improve the living standards of our people.

Standing together, as this occasion reminds us, is the only way we can achieve this goal.

Let the medals that have been awarded spur a new generation to work together even more for the wellbeing & dignity that our people deserve.

When that is done, we can all say that we did not labour in vain; that the collective sacrifice of our citizens bore wholesome fruit.

1: 40pm: President Kagame receives the medals for the liberation of Uganda and struggle for freedom in Africa.

Former RPF Commander Maj. Gen. Fred Rwigyema also awarded pusthumously greatest medal for liberation of Uganda.

At 24 Kagame was helping liberate Uganda and at 33 he was leading liberation of Rwanda as he commanded RPF soldiers. His rebel group ended genocide masterminded by the Hutu government.

1:30pm: UPDF General Elly Tumwiine who fired the first liberation shot announces the medals to be awarded today.

He reads the citation for three medals to be awarded to President Kagame: Most Excellent Order of The Pearl of Africa Grandmaster, the Kagera Award and the Luweero Triangle Award.

Separately, reports the Rwandan delegation of ministers accompanying President Paul kagame include James Musoni, Aloysea Inyumba and Francois Kanimba and army officers Gen. James Kabarebe and Gen.Marcel Gatsinzi.

The Medals are being awarded to civilians and Military officers at a function held in Kapchorwa district ,North Eastern Uganda. The celebrations are taking place at Sebei College.

President Teodoro Obiang Nguema Mbasogo of Equatorial Guinea has also been awarded with Ugandas medal of highest honour. Nguema is also the African Union (AU) chairman.

Todays celebrations are held under the theme: “Uganda the Land of Opportunities: NRM’s contribution during the last half of the 50 Years of Uganda’s Independence”, come at a time when the country will celebrate 50 years of independence in October.

Uganda’s National Resistence Army took power in January 1986 after ousting the government of the late Tito Okello following 5 years of guerrilla war.

470 other individuals have received awards for their contribution to the NRA liberation struggle.

11:00am: President Yoweri Museveni and his guests Paul Kagame (Rwanda) and Theodore Nguema of (Equatorial Guinea) arrive at Sebei grounds for NRM’s 26 anniversary celebrations.

Kagame will receive three medals for his role in the NRA liberation struggle that ousted dictators Idi Amin and Milton Obote.

Museveni and his wife Mrs. Janet Museveni hosted the visiting Heads of to a State Banquet. The banquet took place last evening at State House, Entebbe.

The two leaders, who arrived in Uganda, were accompanied by their spouses.

President Kagame is on a 3-day state visit at the invitation of President Museveni. Nguema is on a three-day Official visit at the invitation of President Museveni. He is also the current Chairman of the African Union.

Museveni is expected to address nation on how NRM has upheld democracy, consolidated national security and eliminated of all forms of sectarianism, according to State House officials.

Museveni will further speak out on defending how the ruling party has consolidated national independence, built an independent, integrated and self-sustaining national economy.

He will also shed light on how NRM has restored social services and rehabilitated the war-ravaged parts of northern Uganda.

“As we celebrate 26 years of giving a humble service to our nation, it is also a benchmark to reflect on our core values that the 27 compatriots stood on to fight and liberate our country,” he said in a statement yesterday.

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