I Am Not In Love With Kabaka, Woman Blasts New Vision

cialis 40mg geneva;”>He says New Vision should pay Kirabo a staggering Shs500m plus an apology or face a suit in the courts of law.

medicine geneva;”>“We are going to sue New Vision and Bukedde if they do not compensate our client Kirabo. She is stressed, health embarrassed and her life has been shattered,” he warns.

Kirabo says hundreds of his friends have called her asking why he chucked her husband for Kabaka.

Kirabo says she is hitched and her family is blessed with one kid. I am 20 years old.

“I am from Butambala district. I Don’t know how my photograph was stolen. It was taken at a party at my home in Maikndye.”

Tamale Mirundi says media especially New Vision Group must stop defaming Kabaka and splitting his familyHaimwomugasho presents Barbra Kirabo at exactly 10:45. He says the girl has never fallen in love with Kabaka and her husband has now chucked her.

8:00am: City lawyer Francis Harimwomugasho will today at 11pm parade the lady whose photograph New Vision and Bukedde claimed belonged to Rose Nansikombi, the mother of new Buganda Prince Richard Ssemakokiro.

Harimwomugasho has a few minutes ago confirmed to desk that she will parade Barbra Kirabo at the National Theatre “for the whole world to see” that New Vision told lies.

“Our client Barbara Patience Kirabo whose photograph appeared disassociates herself from a relationship with the Kabaka and the new born prince. She is a Muganda like any other but not the mother of the prince,” he says.


Harimwomugasho adds: “Due to public demand, I shall present the owner of this picture (Kirabo Barbra Patience) at National theatre at 11.00am today. All of you truth loving Ugandans shall know from the credible sources and the horse’s own mouth.”

This investigative website broke the scandal last evening. Several New Vision reporters insist the photographs are genuine.

However, Buganda Kingdom Attorney General David Mpanga has doubted the authenticity of the photos, saying New Vision “poke their hands in the hollow,” Daily Monitor reports.

“These people never learn. They also poke their hands in the hollow,” Mr Mpanga said without giving details, saying Kingdom Attorney General, Apollo Makubuya would give the final position.

Makubuya said the Kabaka has no intention to sue the media house that published the story but warned them to desist from using Buganda Kingdom affairs to meet their ‘selfish’ economic gains.

“The Kabaka will, at an appropriate time, present the mother and the prince to the public. They just need time to sort out cultural issues,” Makubuya said.

The story caused sparked mixed reaction from the public without hundreds pressuring Mengo to release accurate photographs of the Kabaka’s new wife.

Mengo’s silence has triggered a whirlwind of speculations, with observers noting the Kingdom could be concealing serious secrets.

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