10,000 Youth Escort Besigye To Luzira Rally

ambulance geneva;”>visit sans-serif; font-size: x-small;”>“I am calling upon Ugandans to rise up and remove NRM from power. Just wake up. Use every means at your disposal to work against this regime. Fight on, medications ” Besigye tells thousands of his supporters.

Besigye notes Uganda can only have peace after the status quo has been swept away and replaced with a competent government.

5:10pm: The A4C rally is going on smoothly. Hon Nganda Ssemuju sends condolences to families that lost their loved ones during a bloody eviction of illegal structures conducted by KCCA last Sunday. He says the grand rally is due at Kololo on Saturday.

Hon. Nabillah Naggayi Sempala condemns the Luzira shootings. She says the perpetrators must be brought to book.


Betty Nambooze says Ugandans must rise up and change the statusquo.

Lord Mayor Erias Lukwago says government of Museveni will collapse before 2016.

Lukwago is expected to invite Besigye shortly.

3:35pm: Word moves around that Besigye has arrived in Luzira. Thousands pour in at the grounds. The mood is tense.

The FDC stalwart is expected to renew his call for insurrection. Besigye has previously said he is tired of condemning corruption. He is now appealing to the people to rise up and remove Museveni from power.

Police van registration number UP 1928 in which Besigye is always bundled after arrest is around. Hon. Nabilah Sempala is chatting with opposition supporters.

Police boss Maj. Gen. Kale Kayihura has vowed to discipline opposition leaders who cause chaos and destroy property during demonstrations.

3:30pm: Over 10,000 youthful opposition supporters have today January 25 escorted Col. Kizza Besigye to a rally in Luzira, a Kampala suburb.

Dancing, cheering and blowing trumpets, the youth are walking alongside Besigye’s convoy from Kitintale to Luzira SSS grounds.

The enthusiastic youth are chanting “Agya genda,” and vowing to die in defence of their leader in case police arrests him.

A smiling Besigye is waving at his supporters. Besigye has received a huge welcome in the area where he is expected to address the Activists for Change (A4C) rally.

The youth are saying they will offer armour of human shield to Besigye if police moves to arrest him.

The route to and from Luzira is a one-way thus posing serious challenges for police. Besigye who stays in Kasangati will have to move with his supporters towards Kampala.

1:00pm: Police deploy at least 600 heavily-armed anti-riot police personnel. This is double the number of cops who were stationed in Namuwongo last evening.

12:00pm: Internal Affairs State Minister James Baba issues statement on the Namuwongo rally.

On behalf of the Ministry of Internal Affairs and the government of Uganda, I wish to commend the Inspector General of Police and the Uganda Police Force (UPF) for the manner in which they managed the event organised by Hon Nabilah Naggayi Ssempala MP for Kampala in Kasubi, Rubaga.

It is the role of the police in any democracy to protect and serve citizens in the lawful and peaceful pursuit of their constitutional rights. Our constitution guarantees such rights as freedom of speech, association and assembly and while we entirely disagree with many of the sentiments expressed at yesterday’s event, we are proud that our citizens are entitled to express them and that the UPF ensured that they were able to do so in safety and security.

I am aware that a very small number of people did attempt to ignore the lawful instructions of police officers who were managing traffic around the area but this matter was resolved swiftly. I assure those who might seek to derail the process of cooperation between event organisers and the police that they will not succeed.

We as a government absolutely support the police in their commitment to working with event organisers to ensure that all citizens can exercise their rights safely.

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