PICTURE: Mother Of Buganda New prince

viagra geneva; font-size: small;”>The picture ends the mystery and speculation about Nansikombi’s identity.

viagra 40mg geneva;”>This photograph was taken at a recent palace party, according to Buganda kingdom officials.

The world is still baffled by the Kingdom’s decision to keep Nansikombi’s photographs top secret.

The Kingdom has promised to officially “introduce the mother of the Ssemakokiro in the near future.”

Our impeccable source, who has worked for Kabaka for 16 years, says the King met the young girl while relaxing at his palace in Bulemezi in November 2010.

The king was charmed by the ‘traditional elegance’ of the lady, whose residence was located a few miles away from his palace.

According to the Ganda culture, all women in the Kingdom are the king’s wives.

Mutebi subsequently made love to her at his palace in Bulemezi.


It was after a month that she communicated to Kabaka’s aides at Bulemezi that she was pregnant with Mutebi’s kid.

“This has been a top secret. When the Kabaka got to know that this lady was pregnant, he directed his aides to immediately shift her to the Bulemezi palace for royal care till she gave birth last July,” a source recounts.

“The Kabaka was impressed when the baby boy was born. He was later named Omulangira Richard Ssemakokiro.”

The exact residence of Nansikombi is still a mystery.

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