Give Us Guns, Supporters Urge Besigye

generic sans-serif; font-size: small;”>“Give us guns. Colonel, try we are tired of this thieving government. If you are not willing to fight Museveni using guns, just give them to us,” a group of youth shouted.

“The only way we shall remove Museveni is through a rebellion. Give us the guns and we show him,” the FDC stalwart’s youthful supporters shouted.

This compelled Besigye to say he will never at one time allow the might of the gun to rule the people.

“Use your own power to remove this rotten regime. You have the power to overthrow it. It’s not very hard. Keep demanding for your rights,” Besigye roared as hundreds of his supporters cheered him on.

“I no longer fear the bullets. Even if I am killed today, Ugandans will keep demanding their rights,” Besigye said, attracting an ovation from the crowd.

“No one should intimidate you. I am tired of speaking out against corruption and embezzlement of your funds by NRM government. Even kids are aware of corruption in the public service. We must remove this government,” the former Presidential candidate charged.

Besigye spoke with fury. His angry face painted a portrait of a disillusioned population.

As he spoke, the FDC leader’s supporters danced to anti-NRM songs.


He ruled out having any talks with Museveni. “How do I talk to a thief? Col. Besigye cannot sit with Museveni on the same table. I cannot. To discuss what? For us to discuss with Museveni’s Government, they must come to me on their knees begging for dialogue. “

He added: “The Government of President Museveni is already in a fix, they have no way out. Museveni must leave now. He must be pushed out before 2016 even if I were to be shot dead now!”

”I will never hold talks with thieves in this government because it is finished. I can never go to them for talks. They will come to us on their knees crawling begging for talks. Even if I get shot today the Lord Mayor Erias Lukwago and others will achieve our goals because we are about to “get there.” We are so close. You don’t have to fear we are already there.”

Hon. Ibrahim Nganda Ssemujju said: “President Museveni used to sit and relax after elections. But we have decided to take him on. He can no longer bulldoze us.”

Moses Kasibante compared Museveni to a tenant whose rent has expired. “It’s just a matter of time that the tenat must go,” he said.

Betty Nambooze wondered who gave police a contract for batons. She said Museveni must go before end of 2012.

Mayor Erias lukwago warned Museveni of ‘serious consequences’ if his security forces continue terrorizing opposition leaders and their supporters.


Moments after the rally, Besigye attempted to use the Kasubi route to Kampala. Police swung into action thus blocking him.

Lt. Gen. Kale Kayihura had deployed at least 300 heavily-armed anti-riot police personnel to bring Besigye and his supporters to order in case hell broke loose.

Besigye chose to disembark his car to request the commanding officer for permission to use the Kasubi route. Besigye said he was heading to the city.

As usual, police thought they would just snatch and drag him into a waiting police van.

But this never happened as Besigye’s commandos put in place an amour of human shield.

The supporters overwhelmed police thus pushing Besigye into his Pajero. He was driven towards the Northern by-pass at a pretty good speed.

Police vans which were on standby followed Besigye’s car.


Enraged opposition youth pelted huge stones at police. Traffic officers who never had head gear took off.

Police responded by lobbing teargas at the rioters. The battle paralysed Namungona and Kasubi. The two towns bore the hallmarks of a battle field.

As the thunder of gun shots rocked the two townships, rocks dropped on police trucks. Some police officers were injured in the fracas. Business came to a standstill.

Along the by-pass, folks reported a “monstrous” traffic jam.

Ingrid Turinawe’s car windscreen was smashed in the melee as youth engaged the anti-riot police in deadly battles. Batons were put to good use. The city war later spread to the by-pass and then Kalerwe.

A dark cloud of teargas hovered over the township as Besigye’s supporters threw metallic substances at police.

A police officer was heard asking for reinforcement of the military. Women peeped through shop windows to catch a glimpse of the bloody battle.

At this time, Besigye was advancing to Kasangati. Police trucks placed him under tight surveillance and security. He arrived at his Kasangati residence at around 8:00pm. Besigye was knackered.

During the battle, reports filtered in indicating police officers were targeting journalists with bullets.

A Daily Monitor photographer confessed surviving a bullet by a hair’s breadth. Late last year, police battered journalists as they covered Besigye’s return from Nairobi Hospital.

Two radio journalists were injured by bullets. In fact journalists are contemplating holding a demonstration over police brutality.


Later in the evening, Kayihura issued a press statement, saying police recognizes the right to freedom of assembly, to freedom of speech and freedom of association of all citizens.

Kayihura said A4C coordinators and police had agreed the event would commence at 2pm and expected to disperse at approximately 6pm.

In order to ensure other events in the vicinity take place without disruption, attendees would be instructed to enter and exit via the Northern by-pass.

They further agreed the organisers of the event would ask all attendees to comply with all instructions from police traffic officers during entry to and exit from the area.

“Today’s Rally in consultation with the organisers has not registered any major incidents. The UPF wishes to highly commend the lawful and respectful approach upheld today. We hope that others who wish to express their constitutional rights will follow the example of the collaborative process demonstrated between the police and organisers of the event,” Kayihura noted.

“A small minority of people still appear reluctant to comply with the lawful instruction of the police and the agreement with event organisers. The police will not allow this tiny minority to threaten public safety, security and peace of mind or to interfere with other law-abiding participants in such events,” he threatened.

“On behalf of the police I wish to thank the organisers of today’s event for their cooperation and assure them of our bona fides in working together with them. We reiterate our commitment to protecting and serving all Ugandans in the lawful exercising of their constitutional rights.”


Besigye will today Thursday hold another rally in Luzira before heading to Kitebi tomorrow and finally Kololo Airstrip on Friday for the grand finale rally.

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