Buganda Youth Now Declare War On M7

Nkobazambogo have today January 12 issued a press statement, instructing government to immediately release youth arrested in 2009 during the Kayunga riots or face their wrath.

Buganda region was in 2009 plunged into total chaos as military used live bullets to crush a planned civil uprising after Mutebi was blocked from visiting Kayunga district.

Enraged Buganda youth took to the streets to fight an entire battalion of heavily armed UPDF forces.

Police claimed 19 youth were killed.

Nkobazambogo have further asked government to release the Kasubi inferno report.

“Short of meeting these demands, the country should ready itself for unrelenting demonstrations, until our colleagues get justice,” the press statement reads in part.


“We would like to warn in advance, that whoever believes in a peaceful Uganda, must demand for a just and fair Uganda!”

The warning comes on the backdrop of a worsening economic crisis. Kampala traders shut their shops last night, protesting increased interest rates on loans secured from commercial banks.

Multiple sources say President Yoweri Museveni is furious following intelligence reports that Col. Kizza Besigye and top opposition leaders are behind the increased strikes in the country.

While appearing on CBS radio station on January 9 Besigye told traders not to open their shops until “we remove this rotten regime.”

During a meeting with traders last night, Museveni roared:

“These strikes and confusion will harm our economy. There is no reason for resorting to strikes when we can discuss these issues amicably.

I do not want to operate on pressure; I will not accept pressure and confusion. This is your country and the businesses are yours.”

All open places in Kampala including the city square have been cordoned off by anti-riot police.

Nkobazambogo said: “We want to help the country recollect, and show solidarity with the families and individual members of our community that were abused and continue to be subjected to all manner of injustice by the state in Uganda.”

1,000 Youth

They claim security services arrested over 1000 youths during the Kayunga demonstrations.

“As youths involved in the struggle to see that the kingdom aspirations are realized, it’s upon us to ensure that our fellow youths get justice by having their case heard, get bail like any other Ugandans who meet the criteria necessary and are released if innocent,” they noted.

“The continued incarceration without trial is no longer ‘prosecution’ but ‘persecution’ by the state and we have gathered today to demand for their unconditional release from wherever they are being detained.”

They further demanded Mengo to come out with a statement on this matter, withhold all celebrations this year and take initiative to officially publicize all the names of detained youth.

The youth say Mengo must desist from engaging in any talks as implied in the media over the past weeks.

They named some of the youth suspected to be jailed. They are Robert Sekabira, Nsubuga Kamada, Jethro Livingstone, Bashir Tabya, Kassim Ntanzi, Salim Magoba, Paul Kikulwe, Gerald Kagga, Musa Ssengendo and Hakim Lwanga among others.

The development will surely strain the relations between Mengo and Kampala and cultivate ground for violence.

Traders last night erected a huge banner in Kampala, warning police boss Lt. Gen. Kale Kayihura of grave consequences if the alleged political prisoners are not immediately released.

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