EXCLUSIVE: M7 To Quiz Captured US Solider Over Rebels

cheapest geneva; font-size: small;”>A State House source says Museveni ordered the immediate transfer of Bongomin from a military unit in Pader to the Chieftaincy of Military Intelligence headquarters in Kampala for interrogation. yesterday January 9 broke the news that Bongomin, a former US marine had been smoked out by UPDF commandoes from his hideout in Pader district.

Army spokesman Lt. Col. Felix Kulayigye confirmed the seizure, saying Bongomin was found in possession of a pistol and several rounds of ammunition.

Bongomin was also found in possession of a small bag containing a mobile cell phone, hand-written documents, two cameras, aerial photographs of military bases and a flash disk, according to a source.

Kulayige said Bongomin was recruiting rebel combatants for People’s Patriotic Front, a Diaspora-based outfit hell-bent on overthrowing Museveni using arms.

The latest information now indicates army commander Gen. Aronda Nyakairima on Sunday night communicated to Museveni, who was in South Africa attending the ANC centenary celebrations, about the arrest of the former LRA rebel.

The President gave instructions that Bongomin should be rushed to Kampala under tight security.


Museveni is reportedly interested in having a one-on-one with Bongomin because of the PPF’s political leanings.

In 2008, security picked a flash disc misplaced by then Gulu LCV Chairman Norbert Mao at Kampala Sheraton Hotel containing PPF’s strategic plan.

The information on the disc helped security to uncover funders and supporters of PPF who were mainly based in the Diaspora.

PPF’s main base in Masindi was subsequently smashed by military intelligence operatives and the group’s sympathizers arrested.

According to State House sources, Museveni fears the possibility of an imminent rebel invasion of his country with the support of local politicians.

By sweet-talking him, Museveni thinks Bongomin can leak more secrets to enable security widen the net to catch PPF supporters.

The army in 2008 released names of PPF funders, showing majority were opposition activists.

For years, Museveni has used military tricks to win the hearts of rebels to his side thus incorporating them into the UPDF.

Third Deputy Prime Minister Gen. Moses Ali was a rebel leader as well as Idi Amin’s son Taban Amin. Taban has immensely helped security to close in on rebels especially in western Uganda.

The development comes at a time of heightened tension following reports that rebel Allied Democratic Forces (ADF) had penetrated Kampala to support a planned invasion from western Uganda.

Museveni returned from South Africa yesterday.

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