Luyiga Explains Lukwago Gun Scandal

malady geneva; font-size: small;”>The January 6 drama at the City Hall led to a brief arrest of Luyiga and his bodyguard.

recipe geneva; font-size: small;”>They recorded a statement at Central Police station in Kampala where they were later released on bond.

The development underscores the worsening political intrigue at KCCA, a situation that could jeopardize quality service delivery to city dwellers.

Below is Luyiga’s verbatim explanation, copied to the police boss Lt. Gen. Kale Kayihura, KCCA Executive director Jennifer Musisi and Kampala city Minister Muruuli Mukasa.

Ladies and Gentlemen, I am quite disturbed by the distorted media reports that my body guard attempted to force his way through the meeting room, with an intention of hurting a “well protected Lord Mayor”.

This is not true at all because with my reputation ,character, integrity and political behavior at this young age of mine, in addition to the support, respect and relationship I have always given to and enjoyed with Hon. Lukwago, right from the time he was MP ,through the mayoral campaigns as members of SSUUBI/IPC to date in the Authority, it is not only unfair at all for my boss the Lord Mayor, as a leader, and as my elder brother to utter such unsubstantiated allegations.

It is highly regrettable that such allegations are coming from a person who has been and still is one of my political idols and have supported for long!


To put records right, my bodyguard was officially given to me, a constitutional right I am entitled to under Articles 212 and 22, just like any other Ugandan.

This was after reporting death threats on my life. My bodyguard to the best of knowledge is an intelligent and disciplined policeman and for the 2 weeks he has done his duty, he has always allowed himself to be subjected to security regulations governing institutions or occasions where we have for that matter .


He didn’t make any single attempt to enter our meeting room as it has been wrongly reported because it’s me who told him to sit on the visitors’ seats far outside the Lord Mayor’s parlour, before unidentified gang of youths attacked him and attempted to disarm him, until he was rescued by the Lord Mayor’s body guards.

To justify his professionalism, even when the youths attacked and injured him as examined by the police surgeon, he didn’t shoot anyone!

These allegations, to me, show that possibly the Lord Mayor, for his own reasons, wants to destroy my political reputation while attracting political sympathy because city hall, for heaven’s sake wouldn’t be the most ideal place for just one policeman with intentions of injuring a well protected Lord Mayor with more than four policemen.

Besides, how come it was a “gang of youths” not Lukwago’s many policemen who were quick to allege that my bodyguard wanted to kill Hon Lukwago?

I shall continue to respect and support him as I have always done, where necessary, to serve the people of Kampala. As the saying goes, “fire is not put out by fire”, I won’t revenge by responding in negative against him like he did against me!

After critically considering several advise from SSUUBI/IPC fraternity, and most importantly religious leaders, I have decided to remain reserved, act civilly, behave maturely, and exhibit gentility by not answering back in negative.


As a Christian, I forgive the Lord Mayor from the bottom of my heart, for all false accusations labeled against me, for a better working relationship between the two of us!

As a believer in peace and harmony, I am planning to write to SUUBI/IPC Leadership through our patron Owek. Mulwanyamuli Ssemwogere to seek their urgent intervention in the matter .

In the mean time, I ask the Uganda police to expeditiously conclude investigations so that the truth is revealed to the anxious public.

I also appeal to the Executive Director to intensify security precautions at city hall to limit the number of unidentified idle youths who maraud around city hall.

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