UPDF To deploy More Troops In Somalia

stuff geneva; font-size: small;”>This followed the January 5 meeting of regional security chiefs in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia.

It was attended by Defence experts from Uganda, Kenya, Somalia, Ethiopia, Burundi and Djibouti.

The meeting resolved there must be: “The deployment by Burundi and Uganda of additional troops to reach the currently UN?authorized strength of 12,000.”

The move comes at a time when Al Shabaab have been kicked out of Mogadishu by UPDF-led AMISOM troops.

A few days ago army spokesperson Col. Felix Kulayigye said the entire Mogadishu had fell into their hands.

The UPDF deployment would be determined on the basis of the needs in the main liberated areas.

The troops would be inserted in areas liberated with the support of Ethiopia. This implies the Ethiopian troops would immediately withdraw.


The Ethiopian army last month made a serious attack on Al Shabaab strongholds thus annihilating the insurgents in blistering raids.

The security chiefs further decided to increase the level of UN?supported AMISOM uniformed personnel from 12,000 to 17,731, including 5,700 from the Djiboutian contingent and Kenyan troops, as well as AMISOM police component.

The development underscores the impressive progress made by Uganda’s brave troops in restoring peace in Somalia.

The meeting acknowledged the provision of the required force enablers and multipliers, as well as logistical support to other components of AMISOM.

It was also agreed there must be the enhancement of the TFG security and allied forces, to enable and empower them to play an increased role in ending the political turmoil in the region.

They urged UN Security Council to expeditiously consider and authorize the support required for the immediate implementation of the Strategic Concept, in order to take advantage of the unique opportunity created by the operations being conducted against Al Shabaab in different parts of Somalia.

The military chiefs requested African Union to accelerate the preparation and consultations on the follow?on planning requirements, including the elaboration and early finalization of a new

AMISOM Concept of Operations (CONOPS) to adequately address all relevant issues, such as command and control, liaison and coordination and troops?to?task per sector.

They appreciated the continuing support of the European Union (EU) in the implementation of the mandate of AMISOM and requests the EU to make available, through the Africa Peace Facility and any other appropriate instruments, the necessary funds to cater for the payment of allowances for 17,731 troops.

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