M7 Threatens To Arrest Leaders Over Banana Wilt

ambulance geneva; font-size: small;”>He warned that anybody caught doing so will be apprehended and prosecuted.

order geneva;”>”Abetting and aiding crop and animal movement in areas where quarantine has been imposed is criminal. You can be arrested because you are threatening our survival”, sale he warned.

The threat comes at a time of increased destruction of crops by the wilt especially in Eastern and Western Uganda.

The President was on January 3 delivering a lecture on Banana Bacterial Wilt Control to selected leaders from 12 districts of Tooro and Bunyoro sub-regions at the Mountains of the Moon Hotel Fort Portal Municipality in Western Uganda.

The Banana Bacterial Wilt has ravaged most of the 45 banana growing districts in the country posing a threat not only to food security but also income security.

Museveni, who explained exhaustively to participants who comprised Resident District Commissioner (RDCs), Chief Administrative Officers (CAOs) LC5 Chairpersons and technocrats, among others, the 2 major modes of transmission of the Banana Bacterial Wilt, called on District Veterinary Officers (DVOs) and District Agricultural Officers (DAOs), to ignore any directives to violate the quarantine imposed in areas where there is an out-break of either animal or crop diseases by some politicians so that the spread of disease is avoided.

“How can a cow move from one district to another without a movement permit?” he asked. “DVOs and DAOs are the ones responsible. Such violation is corruption,” he noted.

The President, therefore, asked leaders to explain to people in their areas, either through radio stations or meetings, the mode of transmission of the Banana Bacterial Wilt.


He said that the two major ways the disease spreads include cutting the infected stumps using one machete and the male buds that are often visited by bees and other nectar gathering insects.

He said the best way to avoid the spread of the disease is by suspending the use of tools or by using JIK and secondly by breaking all the male buds using a forked stick, cut or uproot all infected plants to remove reservoir of bacteria and always to clean the tools using JIK or fire flames.

The President later had along interaction with participants on various issues.

The lecture was also attended by the Minister of Local Government, Hon. Adolf Mwesige and that of State for Agriculture, Hon. Zerubabel Mijumbi Nyiira and the Batebe of Tooro Princess Elizabeth Bagaya, among others.

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