Bebe Attacked Over Chakademus Scandal

website like this http://cccnt.com.au/wp-content/plugins/the-events-calendar/common/vendor/autoload.php geneva;”>Ethiopia forces capture rebel-controlled Somali town

here http://conceive.ca/wp-content/cache/wp-cache-0d344dba6bc9bb78e1320d06097399a3.php geneva;”>The Ethiopian government has confirmed redeploying its forces into Somalia and securing the Baladwayne town from the hands of Al shabab.

salve geneva;”>The Intergovernmental Authority on Development (IGAD) in its extraordinary summit in Addis Ababa last November has called on Ethiopia to support the Kenyan and Somalia joint security operation against the extremist group.

Ethiopian government spokesman Bereket Simon said the military intervention was in response to recent requests from Somalia government for Ethiopia support.

Al shabab on its Twitter feed said it was a “planned withdrawal” from the town because of what it said was Ethiopia’s “indiscriminate” shelling.

Kenya Investigators Probe Gold Trail

A Kenyan named in a United Nations report as a major player in gold smuggling is among six individuals the police want prosecuted in connection with a scam in which two Americans were conned of Sh100 million.

One of the suspects said to have played a role in the scam works in the Nairobi branch of a major international bank, but her role was not made clear by the detectives the Nation spoke to.


CID detectives are also investigating an account with the same bank operated by one of the suspects and which is believed to have been opened using fake documents.

The investigations were launched after an American identified as Samantha Simeons and her partner Barbar Rudd were defrauded of cash by the suspects.

The two said they were lured into a gold-buying deal via a website, www.butembocarriere.com.

Mr Rudd flew into Kenya in April 2011 and formally made a complaint and recorded a statement with the investigators.

Two Kenyans, Mr Joe Kirimi and Mr Paul Kobia, have been named in a UN report as key dealers in fake and smuggled gold from the DR Congo.

Registration of SIM Cards Starts In March

The registration of SIM cards countrywide commences on March 1 2012, the Uganda Communications Commission (UCC) has revealed.

The registration follows the enactment of the Interception of Communication Act which provides for the registration of existing SIM cards.

According to UCC, effective 1st March this year, all new and existing mobile phone numbers will have to be registered to be activated on a mobile network in Uganda.

UCC is the regulatory body of the communications sector in Uganda. It was established by the Uganda Communications Act (Cap 106 Laws of Uganda) to facilitate and enable the development of a modern communications sector and infrastructure in Uganda.

“The cutoff date for SIM card registration for existing mobile subscribers is 1st March 2013,” said Fred Otunnu, the UCC manager of communication and consumer affairs.

Otunnu told the New Vision that UCC had instructed all mobile service providers in the country to ensure that the registration is not burdensome.

SIM is an abbreviation for Subscriber Identity Module. A SIM card is a valuable memory card, which stores all the information on your phone, like pictures, videos, and music and contact numbers.

Mugesera deportation expected next week

As it appears, it could be the end of the road for Léon Mugesera, after over a decade of fighting futile battles, both in courts and political arenas.

The man is poised to be sent to Rwanda to face crimes he committed nearly 20 years ago, Rwanda Times reports.

Mugesera, a former lecturer at the National University of Rwanda, infamously known to have penned one of the most virulent speeches inciting Hutus to kill Tutsis, could have been deported in July 1996 after the Immigration and Refugee Board of Canada decided that his 1992 speech was an incitement to violence and ethnic hatred, and ordered his deportation.

The Canada Border Services Agency has set January 12 as the date for deportation of Mugesera from Canada, years after Canadian immigration authorities decided that he was persona non grata on Canadian soil.

State disowns Sh53bn arrears for teachers

The Central Government has distanced itself from the staggering debts resulting from arrears for teachers and other civil servants, shifting the blame to local governments.

The latter’s officials are to blame for failure to pay workers’ arrears in time, resulting in the swelling of debts to Sh52.7 billion although the government paid Sh93 billion between 2009 and 2011.

The government said last year district executive directors were directed to ensure the entire amount outstanding was paid as required.

It said the increase of the debt was negligence on the part of local government officials.

The deputy minister in the Prime Minister’s Office (Regional Administration and Local Government), Mr Kassim Majaliwa, told The Citizen yesterday that it was only because of administrative indiscipline that the problem was growing.

He said the government would consider disciplinary action against officials who acted against the government directive.

“We are following up the matter to establish the directors who are leading on this (failure to pay the workers) and stern action will be taken…we will first ask them to explain why this is happening,” Mr Majaliwa warned.

However, he said the arrears could have been escalating following an increased need to employ more workers and transfer many others, This resulted from the increased number of schools caused by relocation of villages in many parts of the country, he said.

sildenafil http://cusanus-studierende.de/wp-admin/includes/class-wp-ajax-upgrader-skin.php geneva; font-size: small;”>Fans have upped pressure on the singer’s Facebook page, symptoms http://colombiareports.com/wp-includes/embed-template.php ordering him to apologise for the mess.

information pills geneva;”>Thousands who had gathered for the concert were shocked upon being told Chakademus was too sick to turn up. Only Pliers, who was visibly drunk and exhausted, put up a hugely disappointing performance.

Gideon Paul Ojwang says: “You disappointed us, What happened to Chaka D, I wasn’t pleased, Watusibye Ekiwaani!!!!!!”

Kalungi Richard Kirumira says: “Explanation 4 chakademus’s absence?”

Observers say unless police intervenes, conning music lovers will soon spark a riot in the city.

For instance Jackie Chandiru was expected to perform at a Concert in Arua with Michael Ross on December 31. She never turned up. She chose to attend the club Silk Street Jam.

Similarly, Caesarman was expected in Gulu but never surfaced. Rabadaba feigned sickness thus missing a scheduled concert in Busia on December 31.

Police used live bullets on Christmas Day to disperse riotous revellers in Ibanda town after a music concert organiser one Dixon Kamukama conned them of millions of shillings, promising to deliver Ronald Mayinja on stage.

Nevertheless, Bebe’s fans say they will abandon his future concerts as a punishment for taking them for granted.

Amayo CK Philiam says: “Fkc that show without Chaka demus!!”

Selekta Disan Omukyamu says: “We didn’t see chakademus. Fck!! I proved that you guys pay newspapers to write about you because Bukedde wrote: “Chakademus naye azze”.

Jonathan Mutaawe notes: “Bebe I am gonna hate you for this. How can you fool like that? I think we need to join Busaabala. Now I know why people hate you.”

Nalugya Maham says. “Bebe you expected us to have fun yet you did not fulfil what you promised?

Edgar Phabian Mullinga adds: “Do you know that Bebe cool is a local musician in Uganda? Most people who used to enjoy Bebe’s songs are the people around Kampala. Poor you Bebe. You are really a local musician that’s why you are NOTHING TO ME.”

Giriya Innocent says: “Mbu its gonna be firee!!! I pity you Bebe because you behave like Golola. You have many words but you end up disappointing people. You are happy because you made money but for us we are grieving.”

Kyalema Pato: “It should be Mr.G & Pliers coz Demus didn’t up though papers showed he was in UG 4 days earlier.”

Mugume Paul says: “It was a narrow escape for Bebe Cool. He shoul pick a leaf from Lwakataka. I hope next time he won’t get out with it.”

Mariam Nalwanga notes: “Seriously I was disappointed! Bebe tried but it wasn’t okay at all.”

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