M7 Dares Clergy On Fighting Poverty

no rx geneva; font-size: small;”>He also said that the district will be facilitated in the provision of clean water adding that Government will look into possibilities of taking over Butare Catholic Parish Technical School in order to boost the standards of that institution.

The President also commended the voters of Buhweju district for their over-whelming support to the National Resistance Movement (NRM) Party during the 2011 February Presidential and general elections.

Museveni, who together with his wife Janet Museveni, attended the New Year prayers at Butare Catholic Parish in Buhweju district, was on January 1 speaking during Mass organized by the parishioners to welcome the new 2012.

His Grace Paul Bakyenga of Mbarara Archdiocese led the Mass.

The President urged church leaders to join hands with the Government in order to assist wananchi towards their empowerment to improve their household income.

He noted that when the people generate better incomes they get the capacity to better contribute to the promotion of church projects on top of addressing their domestic needs.

“It is the duty of all Christians to eliminate poverty from within their homesteads,” he stressed.

The church has recently been on the frontline, accusing Museveni of heading a corrupt government which has kept majority Ugandans in hard-hitting poverty.


Museveni commended the people of Buhweju district for their hard work which, he noted, was witnessed through their generous contributions during the offertory.

He thanked them for cultivating tea but emphasized that it is vital to diversify their income generating projects.

He, at this juncture, called on the people of the area to put more efforts in the cultivation of tea and also start zero grazing projects as one of the lucrative activities.

The President called on the leaders in the district to identify the most lucrative ventures for the area and sensitize the people towards enhancing their household incomes, noting that the people’s welfare will improve greatly when there are more and better sources of income generation.


President Museveni assured the people of Buhweju district that he would assist them in the expansion of tea production.

He also encouraged them to cultivate and consume millet, a traditional crop in the district, which he described as a highly nutritious crop.

During the Mass, President Museveni pledged Shs.50 million towards the renovation of Butare Catholic Church and gave a cash donation of Shs10 million towards the development projects of the Parish. He also gave another donation of Shs10 million towards the Church of Uganda projects in Buhweju district.

The President later laid a foundation stone for Butare Health Centre 3.

Addressing the congregation, Janet Museveni praised God the Almighty for the New Year of 2012 and also commended the people for their generous offertory during the Mass.

Buhweju district LC5 Chairman, Mr. Sebastian Kereere congratulated President Museveni and his family upon the New Year. He saluted him for winning in the national general elections with 70% and noted that Buhweju district gave him 93% popular vote.

The main celebrant Archbishop, Paul Bakyenga, requested the President to assist the people of Buhweju to revamp Butare Technical School.

He congratulated the people of the area for their area’s elevation to a status of a district.

The Archbishop prayed to God to uphold Uganda during the New Year of 2012 adding that everyone in the country should be peaceful at heart in order to usher the same into their country. His Grace Bakyenga emphasized the essence of following God’s will and obedience to their parents in order to ensure blessings and prosperity.

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