30 New iPhones Recovered from Suspected Thieves in Muyenga

Kabalagala Police are holding three people (2 bodaboda riders and a technician) for allegedly snatching people’s phones and laptops as they return home.

Police carried out an intelligence led operation commanded by OC Muyenga Police Post on Muyenga road targeting phone snatchers who steal from residents moving back home.

The operation led to the arrest of Charles Ocheme, 27, a bodaboda rider and resident of Muwafu zone.

On interrogation, Ocheme led  the operation team to Wabigalo parish at the residence of Ivan Seguya, 27, a phone technician at Hanifa Towers in city center Kampala who allegedly buys stolen phones and laptops.

Seguya was also found together with Taban Wahab, 24, a bodaboda rider and resident of Muwafu zone in Kibuli parish.

According to statement by Kampala Metropolitan Police, a search was conducted in the house of Seguya and various items were recovered.

The recovered items include 1 Apple laptop, 30 iPhones, 14 other phones (Samsung, Intel and infix), 31 dismantled phones, 1 smile mi-fi, 35 smartphone covers, 2 laptop chargers and 6 phone charging cables.

According to Police, the suspects are being held at Kabalagala Police Station and allegations of robbery and possession of suspected stolen properties will be Investigated against the suspects.

“All three suspects are currently detained at Kabalagala and we have preferred to investigate allegations of robbery and being in possession of suspected stolen properties,” reads the police statement seen by ChimpReports on Friday.

“The file will later be forwarded to Resident State Attorney for advise and probable sanction so that the trio can appear in Courts of law.”

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