Boris, 3, Finally Meets Museveni

It was a dream comes true for 3-year-old Boris Akanyijuka, when he finally got to meet President Museveni.

The president is in the South Western District of Kabale for a two –day tour which commenced Wednesday afternoon.

Akanyijuka started his big day with mulish interruptions of the president’s speech while the latter commissioned the rehabilitation and equipment of the District Referral Hospital.

He chose to hug the president's leg
He chose to hug the president’s leg

The boy kept interrupting the speech with yells, “Museveni, Museveni, Museveni.”

When minutes later he was invited for a handshake, he pounced on the opportunity, and strolled straight to the podium.

He opted to hug the president’s leg instead, before asking in Rukiga, “Ogu ni Museveni?” [Is this Museveni?]

Chuckling heartily, the president answered in affirmative, “Ego ninye

The boy also sat in Museveni's seat.
The boy also sat in Museveni’s seat.

But Akanyijukas’ day was not ended yet. He was offered, a seat which he objected and run straighten to the President’s chair. He assayed to take a pew, before being directed to another chair in the guests section.

Moments later he was seen off with a bottle of soda, and a brown parcel, whose contents we cannot tell as of now.

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