3 Days to Tarehe Sita: UPDF Disinfects Butaleja Health Facility

The Uganda Peoples’ Defence Forces has fumigated the maternity ward, Out Patient Department (OPD), and staff quarters, among other buildings at Butaleja Health Centre 1V as part of the civil – military activities to celebrate the 37th Tarehe Sita Anniversary.

Tarehe Sita, which means the sixth day of the month in Kiswahili, is celebrated annually in Uganda in commemoration of February 6, 1981 when the National Resistance Army (NRA), composed of 43 men (27 armed), attacked Kabamba military barracks in Mubende, marking the start of the five-year liberation struggle.

Under the leadership of Yoweri Kaguta Museveni, now President, the NRA guerilla war ended with the capture of power January 26, 1986.

This year’s Tarehe Sita and the EAC armed forces week will be celebrated in Butaleja district under the theme, Reaffirming the contribution of the armed forces towards regional integration for our strategic security, development and prosperity.

Soldiers fumigating the health facility

“This Indoor Residue Spraying (IRS), using Primiphose methyl mainly targets eliminating mosquitoes for, atleast six months, although other crawling insects like cockroaches also die,” according to a statement released by Lt. Col. Deo Akiiki, the deputy UPDF spokesman.

“UPDF is only beefing up earlier efforts to eliminate malaria in Bukedi Region by Ministry of Health officials where Actelic was used.”

The UPDF Deputy Director of Public Health, Maj Byoruganda Mwebesa, observed that the fumigation exercise will have a reduction in mosquitoes in the area, which will improve the quality of life of the people in Bukedi.

He added that besides targeting mosquitoes, the chemical kills bats, bed bugs and rats; which are often prominent in peasant areas.


Maj Mwebesa, however urged residents in Bukedi Region to stop destroying forests (which are a natural habitat to the bats) and keep their environment clean.





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