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27 People Kidnapped Since January – Police Report

Police has revealed that it has registered a total of 27 cases of missing persons since the beginning of this year.

In a report read out to pressmen on Monday at the Central Police Station in Kampala, the Police Spokesman CP Fred Enanga said that the cases have mostly been due to kidnap.

He stated that some cases were for ransom while others being self-kidnap.

Amongst the cases, the report indicates that two people were brutally killed by the kidnappers due to unclear circumstances.

The police said that its agents in the anti-kidnap unit rescued at least 23 victims alive and arrested 14 suspects of which 12 have already been charged in courts of law.

However, Mr Enanga said that they are perusing a mission to find two missing persons who are still missing.

The two were identified as Suleiman Katamba, a male adult from Bujuko in Wakiso district and a lady called Salama Sarah who was reported kidnapped in Arua district in February.

Security reports have recently indicated an increase in a number of organized criminal gangs operating along the porous border of Uganda and DRC. They are reportedly said to engage in Kidnaps for ransom especially on the locals along the western border towns.


The police publicist noted that one victim identified as Dan Nuwagaba from Kihihi District was rescued after paying a ransom to his abductors in DRC.

Meanwhile, security agencies have recently intensified operations to crack down on criminal gangs operating along the porous border with DRC.

The operations followed rescue mission of an American tourist Kimberley Sue Endicott and tour guide JP Romezo Mirenge who were kidnapped in Queen Elizabeth National Park in March.

The police cautioned the public to keep alert and watch out on suspected kidnappers and also report to police in case of kidnap as soon as possible.

Mr Enanga urged people to minimize on the information they share on social media platforms saying that it exposes oneself to likely kidnappers.

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