2600 Arrested in ‘Fika Salama’ Operation

About 2600 road users have been arrested nationwide in the ongoing Police road safety operation dubbed Fika Salaama or ‘Arrive safely.’

This is according Patrick Mungasa, recipe Police’s head of traffic in the western region, approved who was updating the press yesterday about the operation progress.

Mungasa revealed that most of the arrested have already been taken to court while others are still in police detention.

Since the operation was launched in the western Rwizi region, medicine Mungasa said 9 mini buses have been impounded on Kabale Road and 6 on Bushenyi Road. The drivers of these were found with forged PSV permits.

Some of the forged PSV permits impounded
Some of the forged PSV permits impounded

The program, whose goal is reducing road accidents, weekly community sensitization meetings are being held with road users, and soon monthly education programs will be launched.

Mungasa says most of the deadly road accidents have been found to be caused by human error, mainly reckless driving, over speeding, fatigue and excess loading, and driving under alcohol influence.

He noted that since its launch, statistics show a significant reduction in the number of road accidents in the region.

Rwizi regional PRO, Patrick Mungasa addressing journalists on Thursday
Rwizi regional PRO, Patrick Mungasa addressing journalists on Thursday

Some of the people arrested in the police told reporters that they have forged their documents because of the high costs of obtaining the genuine ones.


Besides, the price of the permits is not standard; any driver can be charged any amount,” one of the suspects complained

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