260 Butobere Students Sent Home Over Strike

A total of 260 students of Kigezi College Butobere were on Monday sent home after a foiled strike where they were planning to attack neighboring Kigezi High School.

The Butobere students accused their counterparts at Kigezi High of beating one of their own Norman Tumukunde during the post-primary football competition at Kabale University playground.

Trouble is said to have started on Sunday, medical after Students from Butobere were seen supporting those of Kabale Brain Storm High School during a match with Kigezi High, page which ended in a draw.

According to Butobere headmaster Joseph Twine Muganga, look those sent home were from S.3, S.4, S.5 and that the school board of governors will soon decide their fate.

He also said that those that escaped from school to cause chaos were headed by a group of former students that were recently dismissed for misconduct.

“Our school was banned from participating in the post primary football competition because of misconduct of some students. No single student was given permission to go out of the school and I am wondering how students from my school ended up there,” he said.

“Several people called me saying that three of our students had been seriously beaten after a football match between Kigezi High School and Brain Storm High School and for now I have received information that they have been hospitalized in different clinics in Kabale town.

“To prevent the planned violent strike we have resolved to send the students to their respective homes until further notice,” Mr Muganga said.

The commander of the field force unit at Kabale police station Henry Kisembo said they have deployed at Kigezi high school and Kigezi College Butobere to protect lives and property of the students.

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