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Nsenga Murder Trial: Inside DPP, CIID Row

look geneva;”>In his testimony, the 53-year-old policeman told court he received a call from the Jinja Road CIID officer informing him that Uwera had knocked her husband:

“I called the detective assistant commissioner of police in charge of homicide investigations and directed him to proceed to the scene and assist in investigations. I was the supervisor and lead investigator.

However, as investigations continued, I got a complaint from one of the family members expressing dissatisfaction with the progress of the investigations and I at this moment decided to take over the investigations myself.

Together with a team of other investigators including engineers and the crime scene investigators visited the scene and tried to reconstruct it as they tried to find out what had transpired on the fateful day.


The accused was present at the scene and was asked to take us through what had transpired on the fateful day. She showed us the position of the car when she had parked outside the gate and took us up to the point it parked in the compound.

We also interviewed witnesses who responded immediately when the incident happened including the maid, the gatekeeper and shamba boy from the opposite residence and they narrated what they had seen.”

In his testimony, the police officer told court that they carefully examined the scene and found marks on the gate and similar marks were on the car bumper and blood stains in the back seat of the car among other pieces of evidence.

“We found out that the blood stains were from Nsenga after carrying out analysis at the government laboratory. The inspector of vehicles reports showed that the vehicle prior to the accident was in a good mechanical condition. However; we looked at the marks on the vehicle and compared them to those on the gate. We tried taking different angles but we failed to see the point of contact between the gate and the car.

We however found out that the vertical bolts had been disengaged and the gate was moving by the time the car got into contact with it.”

“We sent the file to DPP for perusal and legal advice. We made recommendations after analyzing the testimony of the accused. We recommended that she had not taken due care to know about the safety of the vehicle at that time considering she didn’t clearly recall what really happened. I concluded that there was carelessness and negligence on her part which led the car to move.

I therefore advised the DPP that charges ought to have been causing death by negligence.”

It should be remembered that former DPP Richard Butera is a relative of the Nsenga family while Uwera’s cousin is wife to the Inspector General of Police, Gen Kale Kayihura.


When asked whether they had arrested the accused or just given her protection at SIU in Kireka, Musana told court that because investigations were still going on at her home, the only convenient place for her was Kireka.

He failed to tell court whether Uwera was at SIU as a detainee or under protection but stressed that the decision to arrest her came after being summoned by court.

“The DPP wanted us to charge the suspect with murder but we were not yet satisfied with his decision. I told the DPP to review the charge of murder in line with evidence produced.”

According to Musana, the DPP decided to charge the accused with murder considering the injuries caused on the deceased which were grave especially on the head.

Uwera denies killing her husband intentionally.

The trial continues Thursday.

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