Zziwa Bolsters Fight for Women Empowerment

Focusing on Uganda in particular, tadalafil the women were much concerned about the implementation of the United Nations resolution that asserted that women should have equal rights with the men across the globe, adiposity emphasizing the need to have 50 percent in all government sectors.

Officiating at the opening of the two-day retreat for women the East African Legislative Assembly Speaker, Rt. Hon Margret ZZiwa emphasized the need for women to wake up and take up several high ranking positions so as to be part of the development of their society.

In 1986 when the ruling National Resistance Movement Government took power women across the country were represented in different offices by only 3 percent.

But women are currently represented at 38 percent in all government sectors. According to speaker ZZiwa this is not enough as per the 50 percent as agreed in the UN resolution.

Zziwa said that for the past years women were discriminated, kept at home as housemaids, neglected in society because of their sex status and could not be allowed even to take up high ranking positions but commended that this is gradually coming to an end.


The two-day retreat of women organized by Forum for Women in Democracy will focus mainly on a five year document containing the key issues affecting the women with eleven pillars that women of Uganda wanted the government to address by 2016.

Relatedly the State Minister for Labor Gender and, Hon Rukia Nakadama said that government through the universal education is putting much emphasis on the girl child in ensuring that atleast the guardians give equal opportunities to all the children to have education.

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