South Sudan

In Fog of War, King Paves Way for Humanitarian Help

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“The young and able-bodied persons run away run during the attacks, and the elderly and the weak have been left to fend for themselves,” Julian Abul, Program Associate, Crown Foundation said in a statement today.

“If we don’t help soon enough, thousands of children and elderly will die from starvation and epidemic disease, such as cholera. There are people that are returning to their village in spite of the danger, and are in need of agricultural tools and seeds. To reduce hunger, it is best to help these strong hearted people find the tools they need to grow some food.”

The NGO was able to access the areas, deep in the war zone with the help of the Shilluk King and chiefs and delivered food, tents, blankets and emergency drugs to some 500 families. The deliveries started in June.


“We received a number of tents and other items from South Sudan Relief and Rehabilitation Commission and Crown Auto, but the need is still enormous,” Ms Oyay said.

“With the help of the Shilluk (Collo) King and other tribal chiefs, we managed to access places like Pakang, Atar, Athithwi, Pathow and many more. We need to act more to help these highly affected areas that are remote and not easily accessible to many relief providers. This help is greatly needed right now since a high number of people are still sleeping under trees and have no access to medications and food.”

The Relief and Rehabilitation Commission is a governmental agency, while Crown Auto is a Japanese car-maker, Toyota, representative.

Officials from the non-governmental organisation paint a picture of a population devastated by fighting, but which has thus far received less attention.

The Kingdom straddles Upper Nile, the state that has arguably witnessed the worst spate of fighting since the outbreak of the conflict in December.

“We are appealing to all relief organizations and businesses to join us in helping the people of Upper Nile,” Mr. Fasquale Simon, Executive Director, Crown Foundation, said.

“Your kind gesture of donation will help efforts to restore the lives of many and avert a humanitarian crisis.”

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