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Security Guard Arrested for Murder

The government appears more concerned by Dr Kizza Besigye’s abilities to woo supporters than the threat posed by former Prime Minister Amama Mbabazi, prescription Chimp Corps report.

Mbabazi was Thursday hugely welcomed by hundreds of supporters in Kanungu District during the Independence Day celebrations.

During the function, visit web Mbabazi said he not moved by being sacked as Premier since he did not apply for the position.

He has earlier told a political gathering in the area that “we are warriors who never lose battles.”

It is thought Mbabazi is quietly preparing ground for the 2016 presidential election, a charge he vehemently denies.

But Special Presidential Advisor in charge of Research and Information, Morrison Rwakakamba, says government’s major political obstacle in Besigye.

“I can tell you with absolute certainty that no leader at this point can present a credible challenge to President Museveni to the magnitude of Kizza Besigye in previous elections,” says Rwakakamba.

“And as you are aware, NRM knows how to defeat Kizza Besigye. I have been keenly following both muted and bluntly overt political actions of some leaders who believe they can wrestle NRM and power from President Museveni and got surprised at their fairly tale optimism- yet I understand it their right to pursue their ambitions.”


The official said NRM can’t and should not be bothered.

Mbabazi is thought to be extremely wealthy and an experienced political mobiliser, having served in powerful government and NRM party positions.

He also maintains strong ties with key individuals in the Arab countries and Asia especially China.    Nevertheless, Rwakakamba says “Besigye remains the only potent political actor that the NRM is succeeding to downgrade. Others don’t measure up at this point in history of our Country. From President Museveni, a new generation will be ready to engender Uganda’s progress.”
Police in Kabalagala have arrested a twenty four year man, recipe Enoch Mate, advice a Ugandan hailing from Bundibugyo District for allegedly murdering a woman who he had been deployed to guard.

It is alleged that on 27th September 2014, cialis 40mg Enoch who was working as a security guard at Notre-dem apartments in Gaba, Kampala shot dead one of the residents of the apartments identified as Rose Kigongo, a teacher at Rainbow international school suspecting her of being in possession of huge sums of money.

Neighbours who were at the scene when Kigongo was killed pin Enoch for murdering her adding that they watched this incident as the lady was trying to convince Enoch not to shoot her but all in vain.

“We had conversed with Rose a few hours before about withdrawing money to pay workers on our farm the following day and the guard could have eavesdropped at the conversation,” a neighbor said.

The Neighbors further allege that after shooting Rose, Enoch smashed her car’s windscreen and abandoned his gun before running away with the small bag he had grabbed from the deceased.

According to OCID at Kabalagala Station, Nusrah Kemigisha, the case was reported to Police and they decided to deploy their officers in every area the suspect was expected to possibly flee.

The suspect was reported to have been on a run until he was apprehended on 7th of October at his parent’s home in Bundibugyo.

Kemigisha adds that they have opened up a file case number CRB 1371/14 as investigations continue and as soon as they are done, Enoch will be be produced in court where he will be charged with Murder.

Meanwhile the suspect is still detained at Kabalagala Police Station.

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