Artist Launches Websites to Fight Hepatitis B

According to Jackie she voluntarily agreed to spear head the struggle on Hepatitis on request from the National Organization for people living with Hepatitis B in Uganda (NOPLHB) since may 2014.

“I want to raise money and work on a documentary about people living with the disease, medical http://d4462130.u92.platformpublishing.com.au/wp-content/themes/twentytwelve/functions.php ” Jaq said.

The mult talented 27 year old artist and radio presenter is in high gears to launch her first singer album towards the cause called ‘Oukawumunabi’, view a Lugishu translated to mean HOPE.


As an Ambassador she is charged with sensitizing members of the public on the facts about the virus, information pills its mode of transmitted, signs and symptoms and prevention mechanism.

Barely a month after her new role, Jaq is redeeming her role as she has taken on the campaign to social media platform including twitter with an hashtags #Hope Album and #StopHepatitisB to educate the mass.

A study report by biomed central Public health, under High burden of hepatitis B infection in Northern Uganda indicated that 2 billion people worldwide are exposed to hepatitis B infection, 350 million have chronic infection and equivalent of 65 million in sub-Saharan Africa.

Uganda is highly endemic with 10% national prevalence of hepatitis B infection, although the rate varying across the country from 4% in the southwest to 25% in the Northeast.

Childhood vaccination was rolled out in 2002, the effect of which on the burden of hepatitis B has not been examined. research reveals that the prevalence and risk factors for hepatitis B infection in the Northern Uganda Municipality of Gulu was more.

It is a cause of more than 600,000 deaths annually. Africa shares 25% of the total HBV burden, with 65 million chronic carriers. Infection is highly endemic in Uganda with a national prevalence estimate of 10% in a study carried out in 2004.

The in-country distribution of the virus however varies from region to region. The highest prevalence is found in the Northern part of the country ranging from 19% in North west to 25% in the North east.

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