Cultural Centre Starts Parenting Senstization Drive

Uganda National cultural Centre which is mandated to preserve, for sale promote and popularize Uganda’s cultural heritage has embarked on a drive to sensitizing parents about their parental roles aimed at bringing up children who respect their cultural values.

Addressing the press at the National theatre in Kampala, health Ojede noted that most of Uganda’s children have turned to social media and other communication media which have introduced them to unacceptable habits contrally to the cultural values of the Ugandan society.

“Majority of the parents have ignored their roles of talking to their children and educating them about the social behaviors which has exposed them to poor habits such as smoking at an early age, engaging in early sex and many others,”noted Ojede.

He further revealed that their campaign is going to start with engaging parents at the national theatre after every month where they will be sensitizing them about their parental roles.

Ojede also reveals that this will also be done at other functions like during wedding meetings, as well as in respective worshiping places?


“We shall engage students in schools to inform their parents to attend such seminars and workshops whenever they are organized,” noted Ojede.

At the same conference, the former Uganda National Examinations Board (UNEB) Chairperson, Fagil Mandy remarked that many parents in Uganda don’t know how to bring up their children especially the young parents a factor which he has blamed on their own poor upbringing.

Fagil advised that the only way to fight this ‘epidemic’ is through involving all children in the participatory discussions and face to face interactions with experienced personnel on parental issues

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